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  • I Got What I Wanted - Perry Blake
    "You don't seem like the type To settle down You don't seem like the type To settle in And outside it's colder But the night is clear Outside it's colder But I like it here It's what I wanted It's what"
  • If You Don't Want Me - Perry Blake
    "Clueless we soldiered on Stillborn to worlds unknown People who've never been They cry no tears at all If you don't want me Let me know If you don't need me Then let me go If you don't love me anymore Then"
  • New Year's Wish - Perry Blake
    "Streets are full of people Laughter echoes through the halls Christmas makes me dizzy I have many friends to call And pockets full of promises I tried to keep them all Calling out for someone To replace"
  • Storms - Perry Blake
    "If you have an answer Write it in the sky And turn this grey to amber And we'll give another try And if you have a feeling Love is there for good Write it on the gravestones Of the misunderstood Ride"
  • Blue Sky Calling - Perry Blake
    "Bring me to a place To a place that I love Bring me to a town To a town that I know Where the blue sky calls me Blue sky calls me home Home Sing me a lullaby That will keep me from harm And in that lullaby May"
  • We Are Not Stars - Perry Blake
    "I could kill a hundred times a day Just to find something that I would want to save Don't you know who owns the stars ? Controls the sea ? When i stop to catch it all, it passes me. We are not stars Were"
  • When I'm Over You - Perry Blake
    "When i'm over you And when you are over me As we go on this journey apart and alone Just another daydream Just another daydream Just another day Just another day to dream You can now unlock the sadness If"
  • Lies Lies Lies - Perry Blake
    "Uptown i'm walking the streets with my dreams in a body bag Dont try to tell me you can't me you can't really miss what you never had It's ok, because it's not true It's a lie that get you by A place"
  • The Fox In The Winter - Perry Blake
    "She was my anchor, We spoke of marriage And i was her lid The fox in winter Will sleep 'till spring In cold blue mountains I dont dream anymore For there is a silence When two rivers meet How can this"
  • Song For Someone - Perry Blake
    "This is a song for someone I have yet to meet She could be riding on the subway Or sleeping in the street This is a song for someone I may never know she could be dead In someones memory But how am i to"

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