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  • Tanita Tikaram Poor Cow
    "Today is my birthday I stay outside the hall Inside sit the butterflies For the butterfly ball All the boys are graded now They come in their white socks, flat tops And somehow they find a placr All the"
  • Novalis Deux Passing By
    "Butterflies around her eyes fairies fly Passing by passing by Friendly voices from the trees birds in the sky Passing by passing by Down by the riverside, down by the boats Passing by passing by Dying"
  • Mia Doi Todd What If We Do?
    "We sit in the grass and we talk of our pasts, A rollcall of all our lovers. A feeling arises we both recognize. We could fulfill each other. What if we do? We each have travelled and come to a rest. We're"
  • Magellan Doctor Concoctor
    "I am your high priest of selling And I've got your sainthood covered - again I am a quick-change artist - at least But don't you forget I'm an instrument of good Your doctor Bullet proof alibis - I'm"
  • Kosheen Empty Skies
    "Look in my eyes, shocked with terror. Paralize 'n', pull me over. Im so dumb, and your so clever. Scrutinize, my best endeavour. Come the day, when I will leave, at my Pride. You will be. Chorus: Empty"
  • Morandi Sun Goes down
    "When the sun goes down I feel like I need you around 'Cause you're like Butterflies in May, always flying away Everytime you leave I feel like I just cannot breathe 'Cause you're like Killing me inside"
  • Tabu I tell you
    "Don't let them take your life Yes man This fire is yours and mine Boy Don't cry after your time Yes man Remember that's |&| Tell me man Have you chased butterflies Have you chased butterflies lately Tell"
  • Jimmy Eat World For Me This Is Heaven
    "The first star I see may not be a star. We can't do a thing but wait. So let's wait for one more. The time such clumsy time in deciding if it's time. I'm careful but not sure how it goes. You can lose"
  • Ian Brown First World
    "Swansong over the rooftops Call to the kid next door Let it be proclaimed in the wind and the rain Gotta do that Do you really think so Do you really think so Hope that the light of the first world Won't"
  • Soundgarden Outshined
    "I got up feeling so down I got off being sold out I've kept the movie rolling But the story's getting old now I just looked in the mirror Things aren't looking so good I'm looking California And feeling"

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