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camptown races

  • A Real Attitude - Procol Harum
    "She's got friends in high places, her picture's in vogue She's seen at the races and walking the dog She swallows the camera, she follows the press She covers the angles, she's dressed for success She"
  • The Legion Of Vengeance - Zavorash
    "The Legion Of Vengeance (Text: T.Scorn, Music: I.Hate) A passed sacrifice unknown to the living - All these kingdoms sacked Goals justifying means - Vengeance on banners black Preachers of truth - Teachers"
  • Coming From The Inside - Viper
    "Fate always from above Never lets us know The taste of the world. Jake opened heart and mind Is bordering the line Between the races. The deepest we fall is always not enough Facing the world, back to"
  • Alive With Pleasure - Viva Voce
    "I've got a beginning That's a good start I'm sure to start winning Gonna go far Races out of her garter Even harder Walk the woods It's a sure thing So get ready Give it some time Give it some time You'll"
  • Concrete Frontier - Warrior Soul
    "Inside...Inside My Mind Feelings...Thought Evolution Left Behind Look Out...At The Shadows Of Weeping Buildings Destroyers...Of Your Own Civiliation Look Out...At The Dead Of Summers Window In The Heartland...Of"
  • Follower - Abomination
    "He's the leader of the land He just fronts the Manson clan Power over all death and sin Storm the ill He just does this Can't you see Leads the weak in my affairs Twist the army Spread the fear Races"
  • Voyeurotica - Diesel Boy
    "I sneak around to the backdoor So I can watch her I love to watch her And some nights I get lucky She gets undressed And bares her breasts My heart races out of time Through her window she's all mine And"
  • Battle Cry - Omen
    "Catch a fleeting glimpse then be on your way Oh the end is near if you choose to stay This forsaken land torn by grief and strife No it's not worth the value of your life (Chorus:) The smell of death"
  • Battle Cry - Sacred Steel
    "Catch a fleeting glimpse Then be on your way Oh the End is near If we choose to stay This forsaken land Torn by Grief and Strife No it's not worth The value of your Life The Smell of Death Lingers everywhere Bloodstained"
  • Go Frenzal Go - Frenzal Rhomb
    "He's not very fast but he's a racing machine Often comes in last and he's not very clean Very rarely wins but sometimes gets a place Not exactly healthy but at least he's in the race Coming up the inside"

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