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cheap trease

  • Man-u-lip-u-lator - Cheap Trick
    "Cheap Trick The Doctor Man-u-lip-u-lator Sun goes down night moves in I don't need the pain again Those x-ray eyes It's a fascination All lined up ready to go Fully loaded overflow High heeled mood Let's"
  • The House Is Rockin' - Cheap Trick
    "Cheap Trick Miscellaneous The House Is Rockin' Words and music by tom petersson and rick nielsen I know, you know something's wrong, Still, i gotta go home. He knows, she knows, Shut all the doors and"
  • Rock 'N' Roll Tonight - Cheap Trick
    "When I drove into that parking lot For the first time peepers round was on the dot By the stink of that cop, ain't got a lot Well we were lookin' for a place to play We high-tailed over to one-eyed Jack With"
  • Let Go - Cheap Trick
    "I took your photographs, I threw them all away I put your calls on hold 'cause I got nothin' to say Hangin' on to you, that was my first mistake Yeah, yeah But some things you can never let go Some things"
  • Never Had A Lot To Lose - Cheap Trick
    "I don't need no money, honey Fortune and fame 'Cause I got all the riches, baby That one man can claim So take off your coat and close the door Forget about your pride I'm not afraid of falling down Or"
  • No Mercy - Cheap Trick
    "No mercy In the midnight hush, the restless hours between dark and light In dreams we come together underneath the cover of the night You're holding out, but I'm holding on Can't wait until your resistance"
  • Space - Cheap Trick
    "You push hard, you stop my circulation I know you really need a physical relation We may not be a perfect combination You need your love, I need my mental stimulation If I'm not there, defend my reputation Well,"
  • Wrong Side Of Love - Cheap Trick
    "She said that she's got something else on her mind I'm spending my money, but I'm wasting time It looks to me like the end of the line Well, she plays both sides and she's making me choose It's heads,"
  • Borderline - Cheap Trick
    "Words and Music by Rick Nielsen Run out of money and runnin' out of luck Run into problem I never, never thought of It seems like I didn't run out of my dreams But we've got each other and tonight we're"
  • Dancing The Night Away - Cheap Trick
    "Dancing the night away Dancing the night away Dancing the night away Dancing the night away So you want to believe Everything that you read And you think that you're makin' the grade (And) just when you're"

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