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  • Wir Marschieren - Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung
    "Habt acht: Debilgestanden! Links, zwo, drei, vier! Ref: Wir marschiern, wir marschiern, es vertrocknet unser Hirn, vorwrts marsch, Delirium, dumm im Kreis herum. Wir pariern, funktionier'n, Orschloch"
  • The Mournful Refusal - Evoken
    "Alone, rational thoughts submerged by the fear Dark, only faint visions of the cruelty appear In sporadic tone, the composition of beauty turned grim and cold... Once again, I must face the horrors of"
  • A Darker Place - Enslaved
    "Behind the walls Below the lights If you came upon a door If you came to push it open If your eyes could see within this dark Your heart would flee Nails and blood Painted by delirium You would feel the"
  • Dawn in the rotting Paradise - Haemorrhage
    "I'm dead... I feel so... I'm shocked by horrible visions A dream? ...Delirium? I'm trying to find any reason I'm in hell I hear maggots swarm by my side What is this place? Many questions for my mind I'm"
  • Absolute Power - Gospel Of The Horns
    "We are the hatred Lucifer's fury combined We are the abominations The curse of mankind Supreme, extreme, undivine We're here to suppress To extinguish the lies Brandish the steel The pestilence"
  • Heaven Distortion - Jailbird
    "Spread the wings and fly across the desert skies lack of understanding reach the vertiginous meanders of infinity a final destination an impalpable world which can never be touch ... only with faith and"
  • Soon - Yes
    "(From Relayer: the Gates of Delirium) Soon oh soon the light Pass within and soothe the endless night And wait here for you Our reason to be here Soon oh soon the time All we move to gain will reach"
  • Social Sterility - Napalm Death
    "Time for my omittance, from a sterile existence. Where the weekend pays homage to stereotypical perpetuation. Must inebriate my senses into a state of delirium. Before I turn to the meatrack from my penile"
  • Passing Through Agues - Tyranny
    "I transcend all mundane exceeding contemplation weaving apathy to my need Its aspects concealed in vague reptilian shapes adepts in oblique passing without meaning we are saturrated of cold intent and"
  • Tormented - Abscess
    "Out of my Mind in a Shell of Black Imps with Pitchforks Poking at my Sac Heads Turning backwards with Psychotic Eyes Staring at me Every Time They Pass by Tortured Tormented Raw Terrorfied Mass of Shitfire"

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