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  • I Miss You Most - Alex To
    "Alex To Miscellaneous I Miss You Most Alex To I Miss You Most You're always there There on the very first row But things have changed And so the story goes And I don't know where you are And my spirits"
  • I Need To Know - Poison
    "Well the talk on the street Says you might go solo A good friend of mine saw you leavin by the back door I need to know(I need to know) I need to know(I need to know) If you think youre gonna leave Then"
  • But I Want To - Cyndi Thompson
    "You don't know me But I'm the girl that lives downstairs Apartment 214 The girl with long brown hair I know you've seen me 'Cause I've seen you But we've never spoken I haven't met you but I want to I"
  • I Want To Cry - Superheroes
    "Summer has gone And I just can't take this feeling now 'Cause you're gone For tonight I know you're feeling blue And you're sad Just as sad as I am feeling now And you're mad Just because I made you leave"
  • I Want You To... - Jem
    "Maria, salimos esta noche? -Ay, no se. Maria, igual encuentras un chico guapo. -No se, estoy cansada. Sabes que? Que vas a salir y ser una gran noche. Spinning round and I touch the ground An' I, let"
  • I Love To Fuck - Nobodys
    "I ain't no casanova. I ain't no romeo. I'll get you in the sack and then i guess you'll know... I love to f**k. I love to f**k. I love to f**k. I love to f**k. I'll get you from behind. I'll get you"
  • I Meant To Call - Shout Out Louds
    "I meant to call, I meant to call, But I didnt call you, Yes I didnt call at all. If I would say something like that, If I would say it right would you take me back? If I would turn it upside down, It would"
  • I want to know - Hillsong
    "In the secret in the quite placeIn the stillness you are thereIn the secret in the quiet hour i wait only for you,cause i want to know you moreI want to know you, I want to hear you voice,I want to know"
  • How I Wanted To - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) When we parted just like friends We never tied loose ends I could never say the words that would make amends Oh how I wanted to Oh how I wanted to To say I loved you To say I loved"
  • I Still Want To - Catie Curtis
    "I've fallen off of bicycles I've fallen out of trees I've fallen through the ice And I have fallen to my knees But I still want to, I'd still love to I still need to, just try because I want to Because"

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