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  • Rockaria - ELO
    "Just got back from the downtown palais Where the music was so sweet It knocked me right back in the alley I'm ready Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm ready Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm ready And I'm really gonna rock tonight. Sweet"
  • Mission (A World Record) - ELO
    "''This is Yerffej Ennyl calling you from planet Earth.'' For many days, we travelled from a distant place and time To reach a place they call the planet Earth. There was to be a celebration On the mission"
  • Four Little Diamonds - ELO
    "''Is this on? OK, after four! Four!'' I used to think she was the greatest thing I really can't give her a diamond ring She said she'd rather die than ever leave me Well, I never saw her face since then And"
  • Danger Ahead - ELO
    "Here she comes down the street and that look is in her eye And the way she looks, if looks could kill they might All the kids down in the street run away When she goes by, it's the end of the day So believe"
  • Letter From Spain - ELO
    "I read the papers this morning I saw your photograph You look good in the movie It must be so much fun. Letter from Spain From someone I once knew Letter from Spain. I got a letter this morning (You're"
  • Train Of Gold - ELO
    "I saw her there from across the street, She was dressed in black And when she moved, she moved to a beat, like a Cadillac She rode a train, train, train, train, train of gold. She was a woman of suspicious"
  • So Fine - ELO
    "Two drifters on the morning sky, Two drifters sailing wide and high; When summer breezes blow across your mind, With you, I will walk the line. I want it so fine (ooh, ooh), I want it so fine (ooh, ooh), I"
  • Livin' Thing - ELO
    "Sailin' away on the crest of a wave It's like magic Rollin' and ridin' and slippin' & sliding It's magic CHORUS And you, and your sweet desire, You took me, ohhh higher and higher baby, It's a livin'"
  • Above The Clouds - ELO
    "I came along to see your face, But the only thing I got from you Was telling me it's fantasy That you would always be with me, I can tell you that's it's true. I'm waiting here, But it's alright, it's"
  • Do Ya - ELO
    "Well, in this life, I've seen everything I can see, woman I've seen lovers flying through the air, hand in hand I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun And I've seen dreams that came from the heavenly"

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