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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene Falling down
    "You walk and talk Like you're some new sensation You move in circles You don't need an invitation You spend your money You can't get no satisfaction You play it right so you can get the right reaction It"
  • Mob Rules Evolution's Falling
    "The lessons that they've learned from history Should help all men to glorify the hallowed name Whenever they may reach eternity They have to realize the rate that they will have to pay Find the path"
  • Hilary Duff Falling down
    "If fear's what makes us decide Our future journeyWell I'm not along for the rideCause I'm still yearningTo try and touch the sunMy finger's burningBefore you're old, you are youngYeah, I'm still learningChorus:I"
  • Julia Fordham Falling Forward
    "(written by Julia Fordham/John Watkin) I've been living on wishes, living on wishes all my life And I wish I could make one To make everything in your world right I'm falling forward while you wait behind Lost"
  • Turin Brakes Falling Down
    "You move so sweet There's enough to write a book about it When you speak It takes a while for the words to settle down They carry on into the next town. Stick through sand drag your name Drag your name"
  • Hugh Wilson Falling Away
    "I'm falling away, I'm falling away with you. We can't always say In the cool light of day, What's true. Time may heal your wounds I'll see you through. I tought we'd create Hearts in the see oOf blue. We'd"
  • Stiff Little Fingers Falling Down
    "Someone's falling down tonight While facing front you stand and scream for more The room jumps hot and chucked aside The empty cans teeter across the floor But at the edge the girl who shows in every crowd And"
  • Kim Wilde Falling Out
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde What can I say now after all is said and done You cut me up in pieces when the shooting first begun What did I do to you to make you turn away 'cause now there's nothing"
  • England Dan And John Ford Coley Falling Stars
    "Seems like this train's moving oh so slow Or maybe I'm just in a hurry For hours I've sat in this chair alone My eyes like the weather are blurry And I thought all the way about the things we had done I"
  • Avril Lavigne Falling Down
    "If fears what makes us decide, Our future journey, I'm not along for the ride, Cuz I'm still learning, To try and touch the sun, My fingers burning, Before you're old you are young, Yeah I'm still learning "

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