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hymn morsów mielno

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hymn morsów mielno
  • Eerie Von The First Hymn
    "And so I chose the night to be my dominion Beauty, hope and joy all lay behind All things good were no longer my companions Buried with the soul that I let die Then I sang the first hymn And I filled"
  • Kabaret Jurki Hymn na cze
    "muzyka: Bartłomiej Lewczuk słowa: Agnieszka "marylka" Litwin Sobańska To jest piosenka na cześć starości Wiwat miażdżyca i łamliwe kości Cześć białym lokom i siwym zaczeskom Babuniom, dziadziuniom, których"
  • The Band The River Hymn
    "The ladies would put the baskets on the table And the men would sit beneath a shady tree The children would listen to a fable While something else came through to me The river got no end, just roll"
  • The Magic Numbers Hymn For Her
    "As I wandered past through the old grey house And the children laughed for they'd found me out And the silly things I do when I'm around you Make for wanting to believe that I have found you And if Sunday"
  • Aztec Camera Hymn To Grace
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Have you seen behind the screen That severs life from art? Or do you see the same as me, Completeness come apart? And who am I to qualify The contents of your heart? It's"
  • Valhalla Hymn Of Victory
    "Hymn Of Victory (M/L: Jevo) From the guts of Metal we were born Steel and Fire in our hearts Proud we stand against the wind and storm No one can stop our rage. I see the armies of Metalians Wielding"
  • Band, The The River Hymn
    "Band, The Cahoots The River Hymn (the | means a new measure and the / means the bass note on the current chord.) Starts 3/4 Improv/no time F |bb |f/c |d- |d- /d /e | The ladies would"
  • Kamelot A Sailorman's Hymn
    "can you hear the sirens resound? from the coastline of Ireland tonight it's the song of a promising heart of the souls that the ocean unite and she stands by the window alone staring into the rain she"
  • Timo Tolkki Hymn To Life
    "Sitting here and wondering, watching the seasons going by Each new answer just brings ten new questions My eyes have finally opened Armored human wrecks walking the streets Longing for a leader to take"
  • Pretenders Hymn To Her
    "Let me inside you Into your room I've heard it's lined With the things you don't show Lay me beside you Down on the floor I've been your lover From the womb to the tomb I dress as your daughter When the"

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