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  • At the Bar - Koffin Kats
    "came home drunk look at me i dont exist a house no home are you here when will you leave me so i can live the life that i was meant to you always asked how could i be such a waste and tonight ill be"
  • Black Jack's Bar - Porter Wagoner
    "When I was a young man I played my guitar I played for the people in Black Jack's Bar They danced to the music and called me a star And I took in the money in Black Jack's Bar I kept things a movin' with"
  • Temple bar (eng) - Tiziano Ferro
    "There's gonna be mist Way beyond the tide Is there gonna be More time for us? What do I talk to God for Only if you listen Yes, I'll tell you In some corner down at Temple Bar For us only From Grafton"
  • 12 Bar blues - Bruce Robison
    "Well, I woke at 11 to the ring of the phone Was my baby just callin' let me know she's gone There's nothin' left to say She said I had it with you honey and I'm movin' away I get the feelin' it's just"
  • ? (Gay Bar Song) - Colorfinger
    "Defiantly my favourite Colorfinger song, nice and fast, enjoy. Wasn't that you walking down Pico Boulevard? Yeah, wasn't that you looking cool, baby, walking hard? Wasn't that you, falling drunk out"
  • Tropic blues bar - Patricia Kaas
    "A l'heure o dambulent Les derniers noctambules Quand les filles en panthre Disent oui sans prambule Moi je suis l, plant au fond du Tropic Bar A le chercher des yeux, dans le jeu des miroirs J'y vois des"
  • Outside This Bar - American Music Club
    "American Music Club Engine Outside This Bar The hospital wouldn't admit you So we go home again Right back to the same old room Right back to the same old thing But you know you're just another girl Come"
  • Lightning Bar Blues - Guthrie Arlo
    "I don't need no diamond ring I don't need no Cadillac car Just want to drink my Ripple wine Down in the Lightnin' Bar Down in the Lightnin' Bar Some people value fortune and fame I don't care about 'em"
  • The Crossroads Bar - Bill Monroe
    "I walked out tonight for a ramble round I didn't mean to stay just to view the town When I saw her smiling from afar As she walked into that crossroads bar Well I walked inside and sat me down Ordered"
  • Another Harry's bar - Jethro Tull
    "Wet wind on the sidewalk: I'm staring at the rain. Walking up the street, yeah, and walking down again. And my feet are tired and my brain is numb. See that broken neon sign saying, hey, in you come. Got"

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