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  • Sorry So Sorry - Howie Day
    "spend your nights here we'll always be up late keep eachother on chemicals can make us stay i meant you're outta line with your friends and all your jokes moving out tonight making phones that hard to"
  • Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato
    "Payback is a bad bitch And baby, I’m the baddest Now, I’m out here looking like revenge Feeling like a 10, the best ever been And yes, I know how bad it must hurt To see me like this But it gets worse,"
  • Sorry So Sorry - MxPx
    "I should have stayed in bed today I couldn't think of a positive thing to say My friends all hate me now I was selfish and realize now I have it a little time I thought about it a while ask to forgive"
  • Sorry Me, Sorry You - Jefferson Starship
    "It's so easy When love is new Magic feeling In everything you do But we get careless And make each other cry Oh, what a waste Just to let love die Let's give it one more try You say you're sorry"
  • I'm Sorry - Francisco
    "where we just think about everything that we've been trough yeah girl all that i think about is the day that I lost u i know its been a while then u found somebody new somebody like u girl aint nothin"
  • Sorry Boy - Cheap Trick
    "Take want you want Giving back a steely stare Eyes black as night, I Can feel a shiver in the air Sorry boy Sorry boy Time everlasting As a mother's blood runs cold Blast everyone There's no forgiveness When"
  • Sorry Angel - Serge Gainsbourg
    "sorry angel sorry so sorry angel sorry so c'est moi qui t'ai sucide mon amour je n'en valais pas la peine tu sais sans moi tu as dcid un beau jour dcid que tu t'en allais sorry angel sorry so sorry angel sorry"
  • I'm Sorry - Sibel Redzep
    "Take a look inside o my heart Can`t you breaking apart Put awy you foolish pride Let me in im knocking at the door I`m changing rearranging now I`m sorry for the things i said I`m sorry sorry for the"
  • Sorry Baby - Minnie Driver
    "Sorry Baby (feat. Liz phair) I wish you everything good It's no less than you deserve Wish I could fake what you want Oh, I give you my love Sorry baby Sorry baby Sorry baby, I'm sorry baby I"
  • Sorry Lad - No Fun At All
    "I'm crying for the first time Got my feet in the air I'm breathing for the first time And I want to declare My demands are simple A kind and happy universe where everyone is good Sorry lad, so sorry son,"

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