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madison beer dead

  • Beer Barrel Polka - Bobby Vinton
    "There's a garden, what a garden Only happy faces bloom there And there's never any room there For a worry or a gloom there Oh there's music and there's dancin' And a lot of sweet romancin' When they play"
  • Andy's Last Beer - Umphrey's McGee
    "Whether to mind, partly blind changes wrong or right, do you qualify? Not to dispraise what it is that I cannot change so am I to blame? What's the excuse, could it make yours the one to try are you justified? Don't"
  • Beer barrel polka - Frank Sinatra
    "There's a garden, what a garden, only happy faces bloom there,And there's never any room there for a worry or a gloom there.Oh there's music, and there's dancing, and a lot of sweet romancing,When they"
  • Knock 'em Dead - Scorpions
    "Alligators in the loo 42nd Street's a zoo Stretch limousines invade the city Down and dirty looks so pretty Knock 'em dead, knock 'em dead Don't let the fame go to your head Knock, knock, knock 'em dead We"
  • Seven Dead Orchids - Enslavement Of Beauty
    "The vortex of addiction is out of square there are imaginary catchwords everywhere The ego-dolls reap the meadows of megalomania and we crave the spotlight An ephemeral prostitute in the centre of attention my"
  • Huzzah For Madison, Huzzah - Oscar Brand
    "Now have the foes of freedom sought Our happy union to divide, For which our heroes bravely fought, For which our patriots bravely died, But vain their efforts all have proved, The temple still unshaken"
  • I Ain't Dead Yet - Ashton Shepherd
    "I've got a baby at home A to-do list a mile long And a husband who comes home each night I do the laundry, I cook and clean It's my responsiblility And I'm usually in the bed by nine But I still like"
  • Day Of The Dead - Voltaire
    "I was just a tourist the first time I went to Mexico I was stranger,in danger in a world unknown A clap of thunder and the ground around me did explode And the skeletons in dozens come out from that hole Why?"
  • Dead Dead Dead - South Park
    "Dead, Dead, Dead, someday you'll be dead Dead, Dead, Dead, someday we'll all be dead. The minute we're born, we start dying, We die a little more every day.. Young or old, rich or poor, There's nothing"
  • Dead Ringer For Love - Meat Loaf
    "Every night I grab some money and I go down to the bar I got my buddies and a beer, I got a dream, I need a car You got me begging on my knees, c'mon and throw the dog a bone A man he doesn't live by rock"

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