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  • Women say no - Maroon Town
    "Women say no to violence We're feeling angry, we're feeling tense No good counting, sitting on the fence You got say no to male violence Women say No Women say No Footsteps in the dark when you're walking"
  • Grave condition - Maroon 5
    "It's time to ask myself what is the deal To try and find someway to feel Because it can't be this lonely Can't be this lonely in here Slowly we all disappear There must be time to define this grave condition"
  • Harder to breathe (deutsche) - Maroon 5
    "Wie kannst du es wagen zu behaupten dass mein behnehmen unakzeptabel ist so herablassend, unntig kritisch ich habe die absicht objektiver zu werden also beobachte ich deine schritte denn wenn ich das tue,"
  • If i fell (Tribute to The Beatles) - Maroon 5
    "If I fell in love with you Would you promise to be true And help me understand 'Cause I've been in love before And I've found that love was more Than just holding hands If I give my heart to you I must"
  • It's you - Maroon 5
    "Im so tied of hearing this my heart is filling up with fear and you dont even care you just stare pretending like u didnt do anything CHORUS i know what your doing just tell me my heart is still for you"
  • My blue ocean - Maroon 5
    "I once heard Captain Dan tell me a story about this lovely girl who's name was Jane She was vast and deep and filled with glory Aaaahhhh Bottom served as home for hull and anchor She's always fit to quarrel"
  • Rag dolls - Maroon 5
    "How ya feelin? The day has had its way with both of us And no, Ive gone out of my way But I'm not free From this pain Im reelin I was a fool to think some day you would come around But no no no I'm not"
  • Shayanni's suprise - Maroon 5
    "Like a sunrise happening at 3am on a walk in the middle of the night You may not have a clue Something you just knew And something you were always dreaming of But tip your hand towards the sky and stand"
  • Simple kind of love - Maroon 5
    "Leaning on a tree trunk Thinking all the same junk Fallin in and out of a dream Back and forth i'm swaying I'm contemplating staying Laying and decaying when i know i must leave Where do i am when i shoot"
  • Spoke with Kate - Maroon 5
    "Spoke with Kate late last night With hopes to get my fix of her advice Inquired about a mutual thing and the feeling that I held in her life And she said when you gonna learn She must create her own reality"

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