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midnay oil

  • Concrete - Midnight Oil
    "In the city the heart still whispers Flaking metal a silent witness There's chemical fields and cathode clouds The milky way is emasculated as exhaust fans And smart cards shrink wrap the coloured air And"
  • Cemetery In My Mind - Midnight Oil
    "Locked in the mall in a state of fright Looking for salvation in a car headlight But you can't have what you can't buy Tomorrow is better than yesterday, Tomorrow is better than today, Tomorrow is better"
  • Safety Chain Blues - Midnight Oil
    "Hanging on like hell to the safety chain Lifebuoy crash lands in a vale of tears All the lovers are in retreat Out on the edge of the nervous street So deaf to the call of the wild Deaf to the first born's"
  • Return To Sender - Midnight Oil
    "Well I want to return to my sender Well I want to return There is so much that I can't remember But there's so much to choose We are laying the tracks for the company Across all space and all time Any"
  • Blot - Midnight Oil
    "Welcome stranger listen in The presumption of innocence was buried again Carve up-selloff Triumphalism gotta be a curse or even worse It's inherited it's recurring, oh God I have walked I have swum I've"
  • The Great Gibber Plain - Midnight Oil
    "From the great gibber plain To the Indian ocean From the stones at my feet To my sawn off emotions Already gone We've already been We're free free To secede From Gallipoli's cliffs To the banks of the"
  • Back On The Borderline - Midnight Oil
    "From the bar to the bedroom I'm swimming in the neon Lighted pictures of a redhead, plasticoated hot on And sometimes when that mirror shows The smile of disbelief Stained signature of nightmares They're"
  • Koala Sprint - Midnight Oil
    "And out from the echoes of the night Concrete caverns catch the sky and hold the stars to ransom A thousand dreams it's getting late Thousand runners standing still I can smell the sand and sea again I've"
  • No Reaction - Midnight Oil
    "What do we want, we are going to be the winners or the losers? And who do we hear, do we listen to the beggars or the choosers? We're getting no reaction We haven't heard a word You're almost (but not"
  • Stand In Line - Midnight Oil
    "Oh get down, getting down, so much money in the ground For the people who don't deserve it now It's a circus we're the clowns as the giant ones disown Every bit of something we call home Said it's a pity"

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