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miush kolka słow

  • Slow down - Natalie Imbruglia
    "You got it the wrong way round completely The fact that I love you so Doesnt make me a fool One day you just might grow tired of chasing The end of a rainbow Your already there you know So Slow down Tell"
  • Slow Down - Youth Of Today
    "Lost the time to live no time to take caught in a cycle that won't give you a break tensions running high I can see it in your eyes you call that success I call it a lie Slow down I've got to slow down"
  • Slow Day - Die Happy
    "There's a traffic jam outside my window There's a red light on that just won't change The pavement's full of cracks from all the sunshine But now they're filling up 'cause the rain is falling down I'm"
  • Slow food - Herbata meets Ludojad
    "Szybko żyje I jem szybkie jedzenie Tuż za rogiem Za pieniądze, które nic nie znaczą Jem, jem I czuje ulgę Zjedz mnie, zjedz mnie Wszystko krzyczy Kolorowe i pachnące jedzeniem Do jedzenia wciąż nakłaniające Im"
  • Slow Grind - JS
    "I just wanna slow grind (mmmm) We can dance all night (oohh) Wisper in what's on your mind (uuhhh) Get somewhere and spend the night (oohhh) Listen. You put your arms around my waste, ooohhh And I'll"
  • Slow Down - Kingdom Come
    "Hasting around, all over town Living in a rich man's world And still you feeling down I'm feeling fine ain't got no time Words you're saying on and on Inside you going blind Slow down Look like a clown Who's"
  • Slow Burn - The Doobie Brothers
    "Woke up this mornin' Jumped to my feet Ran to the window And down in the street The paperboy was jumpin' Like a monkey on a leash Yellin', read all about it Read all about it Slow burn in L.A. town Slow"
  • Slow River - Cliff Richard
    "The weather man, he looks confused. Shakes his fist at the sky like you used to do. But you don't remember things like that, do you? The balance was uneven but I'm breaking through. Slow rivers run cold, Shallow"
  • Slow love - Gino Vanelli
    "I want some slow loveThe kind that lasts foreverThe kind of love that will be there in the morningI want some slow loveThe kind that leaves me neverThe kind of love that lasts a long long time Now don't"
  • Go Slow - Tammy Cochran
    "Soft touches on my skin Warm breath dancin 2 bodies fit ....perfectly a night thats full of magic So close I can hardly stand it 2 hearts pounding rapidly Oh baby I beg for mercy... Take it nice and easy And"

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