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  • By Strauss - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Away with the music of Broadway Be off with your Irving Berlin Oh I give no quarter to Kern or Cole Porter And Gershwin keeps pounding on tin How can I be civil when hearing this drivel It's only for"
  • Chcesz by - WWO ft. FIRMA
    "Dla mnie po ostrym piciu znow wyplywa nowa gwiazda, Ekstra doba miazga pragnie stac sie slawna, Niech idzie do diabla ten leb bananowy, Poziom zerowy HWD do polowy, Co najwyzej kraka napewno nie szczere"
  • By Myself - Cher
    "I gotta go on my way by myself Because this is the end of romance I gotta go my way all by myself Love it's only it's only a dance I'm gonna try to apply myself And teach my poor heart how to sing I gotta"
  • By Myself - Cro-Mags
    "Fightin it's such a struggle and I got so far Got so far to go Don't want to except no answers But I ain't got nothing Got nothing to show It's such a struggle but I gotta do it By myself Can't except"
  • By Her - Beth Hart
    "She got a poet's spirit she bums among the clouds she never stops believing she only dreams out loud there's a jackpot in the dresser she's fallen in the bath & if you need to kiss her don't forget"
  • Waiving By - Agent Sparks
    "It's just me, the monkey, do as you say Put on showtunes for a play, control my brain Break my heart, tear out my spleen Teach me Go Outside Climb a tree with two broken feet Soon I start to cry to"
  • Waving By - Agent Sparks
    "It's just me, the monkey Do as you say Put on showtunes for a play Control my brain Break my heart, tear out my spleen Teach me go outside Climb a tree with two broken feet Soon I start to cry to you in"
  • Passing By - Angra
    "Home you go tonight To break the sound of tears Life's fading To keep the world away Is not enough to ease the pain Time is passing by... Time is passing by; I see it in your eyes Fire burns inside A light"
  • Fly by - Blue
    "All dressed up youre good to go Checkin your style from head to toe Hooked up and natural Youre feelin beautiful 9 times out of 10 you know Late night club like a video with the Hot stuff - top stuff"
  • Sailing By - Sinead Lohan
    "two by two and it's me and you falling from a yellow sky it doesn't really matter if the coast is clear just as long as you're not telling me lies dreams are a kite on a windy day free as a boat by the"

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