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  • Bwana - Al Bano & Romina Power
    "Ma guarda un po' che mondo pieno di bwana se dici "no" non ti daranno le banana fai qui, fai il lavoro ti d il grande bwana vai su, vai gi produci di pi lo vuole bwana! Ma guarda un po' che "bella" razza"
  • Blind Windows Stare - Hieronymus Bosch
    "I have secretly dreamt of wearing my skin With nothing underneath To be consciousless and soulfired To have no useless doubt and fear inside Playing carefully, living in safety Building the fortress of"
  • Chances - John Frusciante
    "This is the time to die I'm not someone on whom to rely Chances come and chances go This is letting go I feel the tightening of the dawn The creation of something I've sung No one goes back cause"
  • Can you imagine - Dope stars inc
    "Thousands of stars surround this world and I always wonder where the border Gets to the end. Thousands of questions in my head. How many times you have been standing In front of millions lights still flashing Light"
  • To co mam (ft Spokers) - Radziu RSG
    "matula dała życie a wiara czyni cuda jeśli uwierzysz w siebie to na pewno ci sie uda dzisiaj jestem mądrzejszy dobrze wiem, nie cofnę czasu i to nie jest żadne powód bym sie załamał brachu zbudowałem"
  • Kuala Lumpur - Ammo Poetic
    "Chorus Kuala Lumpur Y'all MC's better know Kuala Lumpur Capital city on tha go Kuala Lumpur You gotta get with tha flow Poetic Ammunition comin real for tha world *POINT BLANC* Skyscrapers towerin' the"
  • Surzy greenberg - Phish
    "The sky is burning in this lonely manAnd i kneel by the river and i feel the sand and the windThe wind from beyond the mountainThe wind from beyond the mountainAnd she comes to me in this lonely landAnd"
  • N.e.a.r. - Negative Format
    "X-ray Solar detection High resolution images Laser range, a chain of craters Silicon injection Solar flare, an x-ray burst Fluorescent spectral emission Elemental maps, our vision Dreams, our inspiration N.E.A.R."
  • Goodbye Blue Sky - System Of A Down
    "(oooooooooooooooooo) Your world has ended and life for us, So has the global marching economy. (oooooooooooooooooo) When life as when your own existence is only the wave of your lies. When your earth is"
  • Physical Sex - The Darkness
    "Physical Sex Many miles between you and me and love is guaranteed to fail Cos a fuck should be multi sensory And you just cant smell an email Phone sex cyber sex aint all that I prefer to take my sex"

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