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  • Rockinghorse - Alannah Myles
    "I wonder what would happen if I fell Would you pick me up and be my wishing well If I shared my secrets would you promise not to tell I wonder what would happen if I fell I wonder what would happen if"
  • Sally go round the roses - Alannah Myles
    "Sally go round the roses Sally go round the roses The roses they can't hurt you I know the roses they can't hurt you Sally don't you go, don't you go downtown Sally don't you go, don't you go downtown"
  • Simple man's dream - Alannah Myles
    "Captured by a renaissance dream Tongue tied and twisted in the deep Haunted by a renegade parading in my sleep Stalked like a criminal in the open keep I ain't never been arrested for walking in my sleep"
  • Sonny say you will - Alannah Myles
    "Sonny say you will Take me strolling with you out on the boardwalk Cause you know you always make me feel Like we are lovers on parade with your sweet talk You look so cool but I know that you care The"
  • Still got this thing - Alannah Myles
    "Why is it so hard to say whats on my mind Why am I so proud? Still got this thing for you I know you understand, but you still need a sign Real love should shout out loud Still got this thing for you Hey"
  • The dance of love - Alannah Myles
    "There's a place on StarowkaLots of people live thereNot supposed to, government says noBut they don't careThe sirens blare, apocalypseMusicians still play onThey don't know who their god is nowThey only"
  • The great divide - Alannah Myles
    "A fever that makes youWanna shed your skinA walking testament to original sinGotta good trick up your sleeveCrocodile daydream, you wannaYou wanna believeStrike a truce and stand at easeOr you can choose"
  • The last time i saw William - Alannah Myles
    "The last time I saw William, he was as good as gone He'd packed up all his poetry and his hurtin' songs Well they say that he died, but the papers lied About our long lost favourite song And the last time"
  • Tumbleweed - Alannah Myles
    "Just a stray little Gypsy boy Trying on the highway for size A cowboy kid cracking 105 Crossing the New Mexico line I believe we got a live one here No inhibitions no fear Chorus: Hey you wanna play your"
  • Ur world our times - Alannah Myles
    "Little tramp comin' up the strip with a hundred dollar smile Sparks flyin' off her fingertips drive the young cop wild Some nights are wound so tight like a storm about to break Better stand in your doorway"

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