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  • Mine Field - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Proverbs 3:6, 1 Peter 5:8, Matthew 16:24 Smell the burning powder? There's danger in the air A voice from deep inside is telling you, 'you must beware' Then"
  • All Mine - Dance Hall Crashers
    "You're the one I've been waiting on. What took you, what took you so long? Id just about given up on this, oh yeah, oh yeah Don't you wish that you could go and forget about me? But that, but that'd be"
  • Always Mine - Brand Nubian
    ""You'll be always mine... all through your life think you'll find, you'll be always mine... all through your life, think you'll find you'll be always mine" You gon' always be mine, no matter who else"
  • Alligator Mine - Arcade Fire
    "Run run run run run run run away run run run run run run run away from me from me you breath like airs a tourist in your heart babe when colder weather comes you just suffocate you kiss like loves a"
  • Be Mine - Peter Baumann
    "The Romance is over The game we played We said our last goodbye We ran out of luck We ran out of love And there's no reason to cry Then I remember our time together You were the dream of my life I remember"
  • Yours & Mine - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Jagged Edge) J.E. y'all, uh, J.D. y'all, that's me Swizz Beats, come on What is yours and mine Yeah, uh huh Break this up, none of that stuff This right here What is yours and mine "
  • Angel Mine - Cowboy Junkies
    "He searched for those wings that he knew That this angel should have at her back And although he can't find them He really don't mind Because he knows they'll grow back And he reached for that halo that"
  • Marvellous & Mine - Lisa Stansfield
    "The way you touch, you got a touch like gold, When we kiss and you hold me in that hold, We're full of fire fire fire fire fire. You're so good, you make me cry. fill me up, You fill me up like wine, I"
  • Forever Mine - Chrisette Michele
    "One look in your gentle eyes Let me know I would spend my life All my years in your gentle arms All my days with your love so warm One sound of your precious voice Let me know that I had no choice I knew"
  • Respect Mine - Fat Joe
    "Yo whassup kid? How you, yeah Straight up and down This is the Chef comin out of Wu-Tang Clan Representin Shaolin, to the fullest son! I mean I'm here right now with my nigga, Fat Ji-doe representin the"

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