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pam pam para ram pam pam pam slow slow slow motion

  • Slow Up - Jacob Banks
    "what I’ve learnt from the ocean hard to dance and rejoice in the motion let the sun have its moment the moon will come what I’ve learnt from a solider every man is a son to a daughter and we only remember and"
  • Dave's Song (In Slow Motion) - Caffeine
    "Not quite going in reverse Lasso down the universe What you think of me is strange Try too hard I'll never change Dont you push me around Or I'm gonna drag you down Think that you can treat me like this I'll"
  • Mi Vida Loca(My Crazy Life) - Pam Tillis
    "(Pam Tillis/Jess Leary) If you're coming with me you need nerves of steel 'Cause I take corners on two wheels It's a never-ending circus ride The faint of heart need not apply Mi vida loca over and over Destiny"
  • It's Lonely Out There - Pam Tillis
    "(Bob DiPiero/Pam Tillis) I can't make you stay, and boy I wouldn't want to Go on walk away, but don't say I didn't warn you Have you forgotten how it was Before I wrapped you in my love It's lonely,"
  • If I Didn't Love You - Pam Tillis
    "IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU WRITERS TINA ARENA, PAM RESWICK, STEVE WERFEL So good When it's good I wanna spend my whole life lovin' you But I'm tired And you don't know how close I've come to leaving you You"
  • Slow Slow Disco - St. Vincent
    "I sway in place to a slow disco And a glass for the saints And a bar for the road am I thinking what everybody’s thinking that I’m so glad I came but I can’t wait to leave slip my hand from your hand leave"
  • Slow Motion (Live In Dallas 1980) - Blondie
    "Well, we got something new for you now, it's called "Slow Motion". What's all that commotion going on? The boy in the back on his second attack, he wants his baby back. Can you take her back? What's all"
  • Slow Moon's Rose - Slapp Happy
    "Now that the slow moons rose On a silver trellis grows, Where arctic rivers froze, Now that the ocean is frozen in motion, Snow morning comes. And the birds on the wing Have nothing left to sing Blown"
  • Slow To Standing - Fairweather
    "Forcing this to bend until breaking it apart. Supposing this doesn't have to be anymore than thought. For now it's not. And if i could just talk to you and not want to tell it all. Because it seems I've"
  • Slow Down Brother - Coltrane Motion
    "slow down brother you've got to let yourself slide to feel the flow get up sister you've got to move yourself on the dancefloor big man's coming round all he wants is to keep control stand up brother you've"

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