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  • Fuck With Dre Day - Dr. Dre
    "Artist: Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg Intro: Dr. Dre Ha, yeah, hell yeah, ha knowhatI'msayin *Sssss* Verse One: Dr. Dre Yeah, Mista Busta, where the f**k ya at? Can't scrap a lick, so I know ya got your"
  • Let It Go (Blackstar Version) - Little Brother
    "(feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli) Mick Boogie (absolutely) Justus For All (hold up) Let's GOOOO! Be witcha in a second so sit tight Sometimes I be doin my body wrong just to get right I rip mics, rap life"
  • Rehab - Denis Leary
    "We did it all. We did it all. We did whatever we could get our hands on back in the seventies. We did fucking handfuls of mushrooms, pills, ludes, coke, whatever it was, we just fucking swallowed it, okay?"
  • We On - Lupe Fiasco
    "(Lupe: Speaking) Reportin' live somewhere sexy Somewhere up top You know what it is Heaviest heaven in 07 Gemini troubles of the world ya dig (Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco & Gemini) (L) I represent it to"
  • Rollin' dolo - Guru
    "feat. Big Shug, Ed O.G., Krumb SnatchaThat's right, Boston Yeah, Boston niggas be rollin' dolo from state to stae It's nothing, we do this Still nobody guards I stay sucker free Still sling rhymes hard"
  • Crazy - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(Chorus) I'm crazy, how I dress and keep it fresh, so many steps, ahead of ya'll, cuz I'm before my time, I'm crazy, how I do it, when I do it, I can do it dats why da girls da girls they love me I'm"
  • Black Christmas - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "[''Verse 1-Planetary''] Put me in the booth and I'll brodie your wave files, You still getting booed at the open mic like 8-mile, You still actin like spoken word is serious, I laugh at you fag-niggas"
  • Camera Phone - The Game feat. Ne-yo
    "Mmmmm, ohh-whoa-ohhhhh Hey! Picture me and my gangsta girl, ridin with the top back Bangin Ne-Yo, my neck frio, my Sox hat Tilted to the side, like you know I get my grind on Get my shine on, jewelry"
  • Put That On Something feat. Freeze - Kurupt
    "When the acid rain falls Your frame falls I'll make your chains spark the lead, the chainsaws I'm not captivated And I'm not captive Free as a bird to fly out on Perv Ain't here for no frontin' Just to"
  • X-Caliba - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "That motherf**ker kept sniffin for goods Put the plastic in his mouth the back of his neck left And you don't know nuthin but the killa gotta away Before 4.30 in the morning I'm gone in the 6-Tre Wit the"

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