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the white tie affair

  • White - The Cult
    "White Shining Shining brightly Pure crystal snow White Oh, virgin White White Shining Shining brightly White Yeah, white Shining Shining bright Snow is crystal, the fire is cold I sit back, watch the"
  • Tie It Up - Kelly Clarkson
    "I was standin’ with my friend When i saw you walkin’ in And my heart started skippin’ a beat I was tryin’ to play it cool But i knew it was true That nobody would ever compete Well first comes love and"
  • Rope To Tie - Caedere
    "Rope to tie! Never there will be a new dawn. As you forecast your own fate. Your glorious act in life. This tragedy draws to a come. Gore to banish fear! Internal malfunction as the entrails falls out. Derived"
  • Tie a Cherry - CL
    "Been around long enough To know what i like () In the twilight Handle on my back find the light () Make it looks so casual () Lalala – that’s magical () Prettyu views od me Myslef and I Hand on my chest I"
  • Tie One On - Aberfeldy
    "I always used to have someone to come home to But knowing there is no one waiting's frustrating How I miss the love she gave me I need her to come and save me from myself All the love in the world Could"
  • Tie Me Up - Handsome Devil
    "You've got it right, I'm out of line Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind Your one way street it's calling me I'll be your hero yeah I'll be your Everything you wait and see CHORUS Tie Me Up, Tie"
  • Tie My Hands - You're Pretty
    "Here I sit Laughing at the wrong thing Waiting for someone to notice me You found me Just in time to lose me From my self and all I held on to I need you to believe Wait I have a lot of things to say About"
  • Tie My Rope - Children Of Bodom
    "Dear diary, what have I done? Am I trippin' or am I alive? Once I've decided I've got stories to tell No way in hell was that just Another motherfuckin' dream Doesn't matter 'cause I already know How"
  • Cross tie walker - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "I went down to the station, just to take a ride. I went down to the station, just to take a ride. Found myself on a flatcar, yesterday behind. Pullin' out from the platform, there was no brass band. I"
  • White Dress - Fairport Convention
    "(Dave Swarbrick, McTell) Feel how the wind blows, December despair Bring me a ribbon to tie up my hair I'll be your bride, go where you go All of my life, you'll be my beau chorus: Kiss me and I might Put"

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