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  • Your Thoughts And Mine - Tarnation
    "Which way can we go, only the moon casts a shadow. When we look far below the path is sharp and narrow. Your thoughts and mine, are far away from this moment, from this moment. Are the stars very bright"
  • Broken Thoughts Of Praise - Flee The Seen
    "Tale this fall write it down beneath this veil this silent screams of rage make it seem beyond shadows these eyes desccend on broken thoughts of praise what's to say only blood below (undertow)"
  • Birthday Of My Thoughts - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals, 1969) From the albums SEALS AND CROFTS (1969) and SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974). The leaves of laughter fluttering around my head. Insane desire fills the pillow on"
  • Endless Thoughts Of You - Sick Of Change
    "I saw you standing there. It was the first time I saw you, I couldn't help but stare. Could this be,has God sent an angel, from up above, to fall in love with me? Only time will tell what the future has"
  • Pit Of My Thoughts - Profane Omen
    "Frustrated of the ways of man to place his bets I'll deal the fatal cards from under the deck The empty nothingness I feel is taking over But my righteous deeds remain to remind Fearing I haven't killed"
  • Into The Infinity Thoughts - Emperor
    "As the Darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Norway and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise... Into the night I wander, like many nights before, and like in my dreams, but centuries"
  • By Dark Glorious Thoughts - Enthroned
    "By Dark Glory! Through black arts we ride to thy kingdom, Father of time. Will you see us tomorrow, In the glorious night standing proud groundless... Our wings will carry your winds of hate, Across thundering"
  • Thoughts Of A Soldier - Funker Vogt
    "It never was and never will be The sun setting beyond horizons It always was and ever will be The earth which keeps on turning The world moved on and left me here The world moved on and left me here The"
  • These Are The Thoughts - Alanis Morissette
    "Alanis Morissette Alanis Unplugged These Are The Thoughts These are the thoughts that go through my head In my backyard on a sunday afternoon When i have the house to myself and i am not Expending all"
  • Thoughts Of The Thoughtful - Casual
    "Casual Fear Itself Thoughts Of The Thoughtful Verse one: Start with the boom!!! That's the sound from the stuff that we, puff It's magic i'm draggin a foe to doom And still refrain from being blunt The"

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