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timbaland feat jusin timberlake carry out

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timbaland feat jusin timberlake carry out
  • Nas Carry On Tradition
    "Yea, niggaz want to talk about this rap shit Niggaz want to talk about this money About these cars, these homes, these labels Clothes, sneakers, big money shit Now everybody tryin' to get rich Now get"
  • AC/DC Carry Me Home
    "(Young, Young, Scott) The bartender's working on a late night shift She's bonka blonds and Bon aims on a midnight drift And the dance band's playing the same old slam I'm sinking whiskey and you're sipping"
  • Sheena Easton Carry A Dream
    "How long is the road How hard the journy When do you really know for sure What you're looking for Out there in the world Sometimes it's lonely Lost in the wonder of it all Feeling very small You need"
  • Bruce Hornsby Carry the water
    "Some live life with eyes that don't see They look away at the time of your greatest need Some talk, some'll just do, some turn their back Turn around and just walk away I know I've done that Lonely Days"
  • Arlo Guthrie Carry Me Over
    "words and music by Arlo Guthrie There's a tavern up on the roadside I must be coming into town The moon must be in Aries Because the truck ain't slowing down Pulled back on the throttle I've been doing"
  • Rebecca St. James I'll Carry You
    "I know that look in your eyes I see the pain behind your smile Please don't hold it all inside Together we can run To the finish line And when you are tired I'll carry you I can't walk this road without"
  • Oasis Carry Us All
    "I heard a whisper on my radio but i paid no mind just sat back and i let it go to catch the rain from a lonely waterfall but i might beware cause they could drown me like a dog they got me running in"
  • Steve Harley Carry me again
    "When I woke up, when I opened up my eyesdrinking the sun without blinkingand when I reached out, when i reached out for a signholding a gun without sinking(ooh, it was a fine feeling, ooh, it was a mighty"
  • Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand Carry Me Away
    "The geese are flying south and that's where I want to go Cause winter's coming on and it'll be 43 below And I've seen their cold, pale faces frozen to the bone See we don't have a fireplace and we don't"
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash Carry On/Questions
    "One morning I woke up and I knew You really gone A new day, a new way, I knew I should see it along Go your way, I'll go mine Carry on The sky is clearing and the night Has gone out The sun, he come,"

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