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warm dem

  • Warm And Tender - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Olivia Newton-John/John Farrar) Warm and tender is my prayer for your world That I surrender to my girl All my life I've waited for the angel you are You're the dream that I knew you'd be And I love"
  • Warm Spot Hot - Roy Orbison
    "You make my worm spot hot You make my bells ring-too ding-ding You make my warm spot hot And the things i need a lot you got Woah my little baby You know you drive me crazy You make me feel so good i"
  • Warm Your Heart - Aaron Neville
    "(Tom Dowd, Jerry Wexler, Ahmet Ertegun) Well, we're all searching for peace of mind Love in this world is hard to find Come close to me, hold my hand And warm your heart Only a true love can satisfy"
  • Warm My Soul - The Partridge Family
    "Hey, now woman, warm my soul. Shake the pain that grows inside me From your love that's grown too old. I want you more. Running, jumping, leaping, hopping Don't turn to go. Don't you turn, oh no. Chorus Can't"
  • Warm Heart Pastry - Mike Heron
    ""Tommy and the Bijoux": guitar, bass, drums John Cale: viola Sue Sunny, Liza Strike: backing vocals Hey I know your faces and you've sent them here before Drinking my wine, dropping your ash on my floor,"
  • Warm Me Up - The Audition
    "All I want is to be with you All I want is to be with you Show your cards, show me what you got Well break these poker faces, like it or not Everyones in my head But I want you in my bed I never wanna"
  • Warm Summer Night - The Isley Brothers
    "{Angela} Spanish Intro 1 - (Papi) Could you love me tonight On a warm summer's night It would be so nice tonight (Together) 2 - (Papi) Could you love me tonight On a warm summer's night It would be so"
  • Keep It Warm - Black Sabbath
    "Sweet woman are you feeling right What was it that you did last night You made me crazy you made me fly I can't forget the hungry look in your eye Ooh what's the matter with me I'm justa runner I was born"
  • I Am Warm - Halou
    "My legacy, a string of losses My god, I ask How can you do this? You made the sun The world, your canvas With all this I can see how I'm unimportant In this dream I am warm There are hands in"
  • Warm And Soothing - Kate Bush
    "Warm and soothing, That's how I remember home. Walking into arms Through the back door. Hearing voices I know well, And long for. Cold and boozy, Our holiday in the Alps. Sitting in the lobby,"

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