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wolf people

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wolf people
  • Level 42 People
    "I'm forever struck by the people in this town and the way they go about their world have they given up all the fun they used to have in adolescent xanadu everything is too much time and trouble they must"
  • Alfie People
    "People figure it out, you're just a reflection, Of all you're allowed to be. People moving around a single illusion, To keep you from falling down. Don't just do what you're told, Go and try it out or... People"
  • Journey People
    "Who are the ones that slip and slide through life, Moving like the waves in a sink, People, always need a minute or two to think. Who says they're not going to Hell, Climbing the stairway to you know where, People,"
  • The 1975 People
    "wake up /3x it’s Monday morning and we’ve only got a thousand d of them left well I know it feels pointless and you don’t have any money but we’re all just gonna try our fucking best well my generation"
  • Supremes People
    "PeoplePeople who need peopleAre the luckiest people in the worldWe're children needing other childrenAnd yet, letting our grown up prideHide all the need insideActing more like children than childrenPeopleGod's"
  • Jeff Scott Soto People
    "Let's talk about pleasure & pain Let's talk about all the silly games people play On a blood strained mirror, we try 2 c thru all the insecurities Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout morality, I'm talkin' 'bout sex &"
  • Slipknot People
    "Here we go again, motherfuckerCome on down, and see the idiot right hereToo fucked to beg and not afraid to careWhat's the matter with calarnity anyway?Right? Get the fuck outta my faceUnderstand that"
  • Looptroop People
    "Chorus (x2):We speak for those who can't speak cause they're afraid/write for those that can't write their own names/stand up for those who's sitting in a cage/and all my people that are suffering today/"
  • Dada People
    "If I'm gonna live with you Don't ride me, baby If I'm gonna live with you Don't ride me, baby 'Cause I'm just people That's all I am I'm just people That's all I am If you're gonna touch me Don't hurt"
  • Village People Village People
    "Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science, technology? Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true on the land or on the sea? Where can you learn to fly, play"

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