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  • Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better - Fats Domino
    "I'm back again Mama know that papa grow on jelly beans Takes good care but pulls his hair when he gets mean Papa know that mama goes for fancy dress If papa give her nothing but the very best If papa"
  • I Hear You Knockin' - Fats Domino
    "Yes, it's me and I'm in love again Had no lovin' since you know when You know I love you, yes, I do And I'm savin' all my lovin' just for you Need your lovin' and I need it bad Jus' like a dog when he's"
  • I Hear You Knocking - Fats Domino
    "You went away and left me Long time ago Now you come back Knockin' on my do' I hear you knockin' But you can't come in I hear you knockin' Go back where you been I begged ya not to go But you said, 'Goodbye' Now"
  • Lady In Black - Fats Domino
    "She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning, her long hair flowing in the mid-winter wind. I know not how she found me, for in darkness I was walking, and destruction lay around me from a fight"
  • One Night (Of Sin) - Fats Domino
    "One night of sin Is what I'm now payin' for The things I did and I saw Would make the earth stand still Don't call my name It makes me feel so ashamed I've lost my sweet helping hand I've got myself to"
  • Trouble Blues - Fats Domino
    "So many tears Since you went away I'll always think of you Each night and day Someday Someday, my darlin' I won't be troubled no mo' Trouble, trouble Has it's misery Already had The best of po' me Someday Someday,"
  • Walkin' To New Orleans - Fats Domino
    "It's time I'm walkin' to New Orleans I'm walkin' to New Orleans I'm going to need two pair of shoes When I get through walkin' these blues When I get back to New Orleans I've got my suitcase in my hand Now,"
  • Ain't That A Shame - Domino Fats
    "You made me cry When you said good-bye. Ain't that a shame! My tears fell like rain. Ain't that a shame! You're the one to blame! You broke my heart When you said we'll part. Ain't that a shame! My tears"
  • I'm Ready - Domino Fats
    "I'm ready, I'm willing and I'm able to rock and roll all night. I'm ready, I'm willing and I'm able to rock and roll all night. Come on pretty baby, We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll until the broad daylight Because"
  • I'm Walkin' - Domino Fats
    "I'm walkin' Yes indeed. And I'm talkin' About you and me. I'm hopin' That you'll come back to me. I'm lonely As I can be. I'm waiting For your company. I'm hoping That you'll come back to me. Whatcha gonna"

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