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Alicia Keys If I Aint Got You Stripped

  • Mr. White Keys - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Cherry Poppin' Daddies Rapid City Muscle Car Mr. White Keys He's a friend to all the stars Made a fortune selling cars Not beyond a little sleaze He's mr. white keys Wifey loves the tanning booth Just"
  • Keys Out Lights - Jenny Owen Youngs
    "I kick you like a dog that never gets fed, kick you like a dog that never gets fed. I trust you with my words like you're my friend. I've got so much stowed away down there. I've got so much stowed away"
  • If I... - Foxy Brown
    "Uhh, c'mon yeah Brooklyn, Brook-lyn, take it back, take it back If I... Fox Boogie, ragtop six drop Get caught, think not, light Brown Cause we're not to be stopped If I... I came up fast in this crap"
  • just a few thigs that i aint - Beautiful South, The
    "Beautiful South, The gaze just a few thigs that i aint when you called me a useless druggie at least you got half of it right when you caled me a hopeless alcoholic im only hopeless after 9 at night when"
  • Lovin' You - Alicia Keys
    "If I gave you forever Would you take care of me (a oo) Would you take me for granted On the way Those wonderful things that you do They got me feelin' In love with you In love with you That loving you"
  • Hajer (Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire" - Cover Po Śląsku) - Frele
    "Hajmat to Ślunsk a chop to hajer Na grubie dupi coły dziyń Wraco wymplompany fest Jo ślunska dziołcha on jes hajer Już za bajtla wiydzioł, że Z wynglem zakamraci sie oooo, szychta na czworto mo rano"
  • I aint scared of lightning - Tom McRae
    "I aint scared of lightning Come on and do your worst If they gave degrees For cheating destiny Then man I got a first No I aint scared of lightning It's the same old empty threat I've been standing"
  • I don't care (juiciest) - Alicia Keys
    "You know.You know you may think, that, that you know you got me under wrapslocks and keys.and that without you I just..Im gonna be lost.But I got something else for you Baby I used to sit home, waiting"
  • If you ain't got love - Mason Jennings
    "On the train ride to ParisUp from sunny barcelonaWe rose up through the mountainsAs the sun started settingAnd the sea came out below usAs we rolled through a villageWe passed ten feet from a little porchWhere"
  • If You Never Got Sick - The Wallflowers
    "That aint a parachute That aint a rip cord That aint a body of water Were headed for Theres so little time left So much to be done Even you are gonna need someone That aint a trick of light Or the morning"

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