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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018

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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018
  • Athena 12 Dev Adam
    "Athena Miscellaneous 12 Dev Adam OooooooOoo Uh Ah dev adam oniki dev adam Uh Ah dev adm hey hey hey hey (2x) Her zaman yanndayz Yanlz brakmayacaz Kanka senle bir kez daha ampiyon olacaz Uh Ah dev"
  • Eleventy Seven 12 Step Programs
    "I've tried to do this on my own Without the help of telephones The only place I need to be Is right here where I'm forced to see that I can fight against disease Or let it take me out to sea Either way"
  • EleventySeven 12 Step programs
    "I've tried to do this on my ownWithout the help of telephonesThe only place I need to beIs right here where I'm forced to see thatI can fight against diseaseOr let it take me out to seaEither way I just"
  • Delinquent Habits 1 Adam 12
    "(Verse 1) I'm predisposed for abuse I can take it so bring the pain steady The thunder clouds they gonna open and let it rain heavy I'm bringin' storms full of hail stones cyclones turning I'm shootin'"
  • Witchdoctor Holiday/12 Scanner
    "Jiggy Male Black Mobb Clik The Dungeon family Jiggy Male Everyday Is A Holiday, anutha muthafuckin dollar day Check this out Call me Dr. strange, I be in tha lab Cause talkin on a musical style Put"
  • Mason Jennings 12/8 Time
    "12/8 time seemed to her to be some sort ofLife of crimeWith the handcuffs and the billy clubsComing down on meShe said rock 'n roll don't give her nothingBut bad dreamsSo she planned my funeral and left"
  • Type O Negative 12 Black Rainbows
    "Idle hands may be the devil's work Unbridled minds you see are so much worse Too much pity spent and wasting time Irresponsibility not my only crime no Obsessive thinking, depressed drinking The person"
  • Poison The Well 12/23/93
    "Gouge out my eyes / pestilence lack of love binds / propagate / the strife you desire keep me from forced self depiction / abhorate self assured I am no more / take this away from me once more / thirsted"
  • Neil Young 12/8 Blues
    "Can you see me...cryin'? Can you hear me...dyin'? I wanna talk to you Listen too Do you know me like I know you? Do you know me like I love you? It's all the same We'll be old friends...tryin' 'Till the"
  • Brian McKnight 6, 8, 12
    "Do you ever think about me Do you ever cry yourself to sleep In the middle of the night when you awake Are you calling out for me Do you ever reminisce I can't believe I'm acting like this I know it's"

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