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Baez Joan - The Dream Song

  • Amandas's Dream - Teitur
    "Can you say goodbye, without ever leaving? That's some sad soul to keep Amanda awakes in a moment believing She's better off staying asleep So she drives by the station Imagining somewhere Sings a slow"
  • Anodyne Dream - Ganggajang
    "(M.Callaghan) All I have to do is dream Nightshift, Billy jean Life in a northern town You've lost that lovin feeling Like a virgin, She's leaving home Like a rolling stone I know what boys like, I"
  • Morbid dream - Infernal
    "Dream? Reality? That road! It was night, I was lonely and frightened Something strange was happening Was I dreaming? I wanted to wake up and scream But I just kept walking As if a supernatural force was"
  • American Dream - Pennywise
    "Things you can't deny you best believe it when everything you wanted is gone Struck down although you don't like it nothing of value to be found Violence breeds violence you know we'll never stop it"
  • Ever Dream - Nightwish
    "Ever felt away with me Just once that all I need Entwined in finding you one day Ever felt away without me My love, it lies so deep Ever dream of me Would you do it with me Heal the scars and change"
  • Dream On - Amy Macdonald
    "Never gonna be on my wn It’s cleare as the day Never gonna cast my anchor out I’m a free spirit Torn in a way I can’t stay here for too long I got to keep on mobving on Nothing fades as nothing changes This"
  • Dream-O - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR INTRO) I know love makes the world go 'round and life is just a dream-o And some people play ball out of bounds but it ain't gonna change the game There's too much garbage in the sink, gonna"
  • New Dream - Dramarama
    "I got a girl I think I love her I'm pretty sure I'm not too above her She take a (?) at the local grocer I've got a friend I think he knows her Know her (?) she's in my home room I'd like to take her"
  • Dream Scream - Death Cab For Cutie
    "Having dreams about you I want to scream about you I'm having dreams about you I want to scream about you Everything you''ve done You were the girl who seemed to own the world Everything was about you I"
  • Western Dream - New Model Army
    "Gather round and listen and I'll tell you how's it's done How they manage to make idiots out of everyone Take a human population with their hunger and their pain And the weaknesses that cripple them again"

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