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Bainbridge Merril - Spinning

  • Circles - Switchfoot
    "Another day Another sunrise Another factory call Another night Another sunset Another freefall Am I alive? Am I on purpose? Within the weakness Within the weakness Spinning out in circles In circles,"
  • The Four Strings Of Mourning - Lake Of Tears
    "Some tales say morrow knows, I know not why they say so, some go where sorrow goes, I know not where they do go One comes with winter's wind to tell a tale of mourning, one free as summer's sin, to"
  • Spining Wheel - Brodka
    "What goes up must come down spinning wheel got to go around talkin' 'bout your troubles it's a cryin' sin ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin You got no money you got no home spinning wheel all"
  • Luminol - Ryan Adams
    "Nobody with no one to call And all this time Hot metal as her clothes dissolve Emergency lights It's genocide It's sucide I'm spinning around the room in awe I'm spinning around the room I'm floating"
  • Breathe - White Lies
    "And breathe I want you to be here alive and well Just breathe Forget the sound of cars and city hell If something gets you startled, you can walk it back Forget you're broken-hearted, get your soul unwrapped There's"
  • The road to paradise - Magnum
    "Innocence is traded on the road to paradise When ambition starts to raise it's ugly head Prizes won't be given to the last ones in the line And that's something that we all appear to dread Listen to the"
  • Wheel Of Fortune - Frankie Laine
    "The wheel of fortune, Goes spinnin' around. Will the arrow point my way. Will this be my day. Oh, wheel of fortune, Please don't pass me by, Let me know the magic of, A kiss and a sigh. While the wheel"
  • My Brightness - Charlie Hall
    "Well, I've been hit from every corner And I've been thrown from side to side And thm cracks up on the inside So I come to You for life Your presence always heals me So I wanna drink it in You know where"
  • Lay It All On Me (ft. Ed Sheeran) - Rudimental
    "I’ve been spinning out for time Couple women by my side I got sinnin' on my mind Sipping on red wine..."
  • Heavy Thinkers - Swollen Members
    ""Heavy Thinkers- Got The World Spinning Hectic" "Heavy Thinkers- Got The World Spinning Hectic" "Heavy Thinkers- Got The World Spinning Hectic" "Heavy Thinkers- Got The World Spinning Hectic" "Heavy Thinkers-"

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