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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe

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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe
  • Rare Bird Four Grey Walls
    "Four grey walls that surround you Are closing in before your eyes Rusty shackles to find you A victim of a life of (lies?) lifes You're just the same (Life eased up by my pillow?) Safe from danger, safe"
  • Jack Johnson Angel
    "I've got an angel She doesn't wear any wings She wears a heart that can melt my own She wears a smile that can make me wanna sing She gives me presents With her presence alone She gives me everything I"
  • Roxette Entering Your Heart
    "I came in crawling with an absent-minded smile I had so many things un-tied that summer night when I decided it was worth another try entering your heart.. ohh yeah close your eyes don't say a word"
  • Otto Waalkes Unsre hex
    "Unsre Hex ist heute leider nicht mehr wie frher unsre Hex wie sie frher einmal war. (U-u-u unsre u-u-u unsre Hex) (U-u-u unsre u-u-u unsre Hex) Unsre Hex (Ohhh-oh-ohhh oh oh-ohhh-oh-ohhh) Unsre Hex Tief"
  • Army Of Lovers Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse
    "I am the amazon A warrior in shades I rule my dynasty Your holiday in Hades I am the amazon The zombie femme from hell I walk where money talks My army dies to tell Cry baby cry See Emily play Kiss earth"
  • New Buffalo No Party
    "No Party Ohhh, ahhh... Caught me in a rush I hate myself for this Longing to lay down beside you And tell you how it is My scarf is folded clean Shoes beside my bed Movies and then smiling All"
  • Sugarcubes Amm?li
    "Hn heima hsinu arna ar heim fyrir utan Grabblar mold me fingrunum Og munninum, hn er fimm ra rir orma upp bnd Geymir kngulr vasanum Safnar fluguvngjum krs Skrbbar hrossaflugur Og klemmir r snru Ohhh... Hn"
  • Nina Sky Move Your Body Girl
    "Chorus Ohhh move your body girl makes the fellaz go The way you ride it girl makes the fellaz go Ohhh move your body girl makes the fellaz go The way you ride it girl makes the fellaz go All up in the"
  • Robin Trower Daydream
    "We were laughing in a daydream With the world beneath our feet and the sun shined on the water Where the skies and the ocean meet We were spellbound ohhhh spellbound we were listning down a rainbow as"
  • Ryan Adams Games
    "You ain't but a fire on my sad estate Burning my house to the ground High and meadow, oh how she rides me Out in the meadow where the taxis don't ride A million times quicker than the pain Ohhh, games A"

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