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Been making highlife

  • Decision making - Hangnail
    "It happens every single time just when I thought all is well.I'm either wrong or just not right.It seems I'm never good enough.Look at me I am trying hard as can to bethe person that my sovereign maker"
  • Where Have You Been? - Manchester Orchestra
    "They call holidays an option for a reason I heard you're coming back to life just for the fourth I've been catching all your ghosts for every season I pray to god you won't come back here anymore do you"
  • Making It - Renderfly
    "Life is good, life is grand (oh, oh, oh) And once in a while, I understand So let the song dictate away, (put it in your hand) hapiness live for today... Making it in a tent at a festival Home to yours"
  • Making Comparisons - Clear Voyance
    "every single line I write, and every single word I fight, seem not enough for me to let you hear (for you, I tried to feel the same, I tried to feel for you) and every time I try to figure you out,"
  • Making Luv - BBX
    "and with the world i’m makin’ love oh o with my heart I’m makin’ love oh o with my body I’m makin’ love oh with my hands i am i’m making love oh oh oh oh oh oh oh nothing compares to this"
  • Making Love - Hikaru Utada
    "Toutou shiri atta juunen Doko kara hajime you Totsuzen anata no ohikkoshi ga kimatta Enkyori nante kowaku mo nanto mo nai Kanjiteru yo sonzai wo hibi mune ni Mou nido to ae naku naru wake dewa Danjite"
  • Making Music - Pretty Ricky
    "oooo ah, oooo ah, oooo ah, ahhh(oooo ah) (Chorus) We making music in the bedroom, music in the livingroom, music in the bathroom, when we makin love Music in the bedroom, music in the livingroom, music"
  • Making Mail - Big Pokey
    "(*talking*) Jeah, uh Southside (what-what) Worldwide (yeah nigga), E.S.G. (Big Pokey) (Presidential) Presidential, yeah Another Bad Mix Tape, something else for them boys to hate Feel me mayn, ha-ha "
  • Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man) - Running Wild
    "The question that is on man's mind since the beginning of time is "Where do we come from, where do we go?" Well, let me tell you a story which took place a long, long time ago. 450 000 years before our"
  • Where Have You Been - Sunshine Anderson
    "You had to be hiding from me, all this time Making me wait so very long, for you Cause out of nowhere you just appeared before my eyes Letting me know that there'd be no more lonely nights Where have"

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