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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • Closet Punk - Dri
    "You think your real cool Starting fights at school And writing stupid lines like "Anarchy Rules" You don't even know what anarchy is You never will and you never did You're a closet punk You closet punk If"
  • It's Sad To Be - Dri
    "My mommy says I should join the church The mad man tells me what I'm worth True, it's clear, he beats me down Makes me bitter, makes me frown Till I myself as a human being Hide my eyes to what I see I"
  • War Crimes - Dri
    "You should have gone to Canada You could have run away But you couldn't shame your parents You say you had to stay So you get yourself drafted So you went ahead and went And you thought you'd be a hero And"
  • Busted - Dri
    "Police drive by, I hold my breath I've got 10 warrants for my arrest They stop at the light and whip it around Ten minutes later I'm headed downtown Free Ride Busted... stepped out of line Busted... no"
  • Capitolist Suck - Dri
    "Capitolist Suck Capitolist Suck Capitolist Suck You can't tell your wants from needs You buy America and do a good deed Create a job, don't bite the hand that feeds Capitolist Suck Capitolist Suck Capitolist"
  • Misery Loves Company - Dri
    "What they have now They want for me Misery loves company Live a life of bigotry On the way to bankruptcy Beer belly and family Crackers, cheese and burgundy You're life's no anomaly Live your life accordingly Wake"
  • Makes No Sense - Dri
    "The generals say they make good sense A strong economy? First a strong defence That makes sense They make sense to me The Air force says they need new planes As they prepare for strafing raids And the"
  • Blockhead - Dri
    "You work all day to earn your pay To pay off all your debts You rent your square to live in And that's the best it gets Cubical man does what he can To keep himself alive Pays his share for his little"
  • No Sense - Dri
    "I got this feeling that I need to express Laying it out so you don't have to guess I'm making myself vulnerable But you keep holding, so scared to let it go If you're looking for love I think I could be"
  • Shut Up! - Dri
    "We won't mention names But why don't you ever shut up? You're constantly talking And I just can't keep up Conversations a joke Is your head made of oak? Endlessly blabbing But sometimes it feels like"

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