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  • Give Me A Reason - Michael Bolton
    "Just give me a reason for loving you Just one reason for the things that you do I wanna know, can you tell me it's true I should love you the way I do (I don't know why I love you like I do) I don't know (I"
  • Tell Me How You Feel - Michael Bolton
    "If there's anything on your mind, I'm open It there's anything in your heart, honey, I'm open But how can I ever be a man If you won't open up and let me understand Oh oh oh oh yeah CHORUS Come on and"
  • Time Is On My Side - Michael Bolton
    "Time is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, oh yes it is 'Cause I got the real love The kind that you need So you'll come runnin' back That you'll come runnin back You'll come runnin' back to me Time"
  • Rocky Mountain Way - Michael Bolton
    "Spent the last year the Rocky Mountain way Couldn't get much higher Out to pasture, I think it's safe to say It's time to open fire 'Cause we don't need the ladies Cryin' 'cause the story's sad, oh no And"
  • You're No Good - Michael Bolton
    "Feelin' better, now that we're through Feelin' better, 'cause I'm over you I learned my lesson, it left a scar But now I see how you really are CHORUS You're no good, you're no good You're no good, baby"
  • Une Femme Comme Toi - Michael Bolton
    "Les mots s'envolent quand tu les dis Et comme une etoile tu fais briller mes nuits Quand tu devoiles tous les secrets de ton coeur, tout est plus beau dans ma vie Dans ta voix juste ta voix, j'entends"
  • That's What Love Is All About - Michael Bolton
    "There was a time We thought our dream was over When you and I Had surely reached the end Still here we are The flame as strong as ever All because we both kept holding on We know we can weather any storm Baby,"
  • Once In A Lifetime - Michael Bolton
    "People fill their lives, with empty nights, And days that slip away Some search till the end of time, but never find, The open arms of fate One moment comes along, someone who's a dream to you, All at"
  • Missing You Now - Michael Bolton
    "I talk to you but its not the same as touchin' you And every time you whisper my name, I wanna run to you We'll be together, it won't be long, it won't be long But it feels like forever, and its hard to"
  • Now That I Found You - Michael Bolton
    "I can still remember When all I had was time A time when I had nothin' But this empty heart of mine When I needed inspiration When the night was all I knew You were the light shinin' into my life The reason"

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