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Bomfunk MCs Crack it

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Bomfunk MCs Crack it
  • Chris Rea Crack That Mould
    "You got to break the back of the mould you were made in Crack the shell, that's how it's got to be Nothing for certain, ain't no way of knowing Only believe in things that you see Flow with the river,"
  • The Union Underground Until You Crack
    "How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? Kiss your mother now I think you should Kick you while your down You knew I would So I'm wearing thin Same old trip again Face"
  • Union Underground Until You Crack
    "Kiss your mother now I think you should Kick you while you're down You knew I would So I'm wearin' thin Same old trip again Face numb heroin Same old trip again I said how long (how long) I said how"
  • Chinchilla Crack in the mirror
    "When the last work is spoken when the last dream is gone when the last soul flies away holding candles to the sun she said no, with a laugh in her eyes scoff for your love and we all know why you've got"
  • Tito & Tarantula Crack In The World
    " {{SongFooter |artist = Tito & Tarantula |album = Little Bitch |song = Crack In The World |fLetter = C |video = |audio = |language"
  • Antony And The Johnsons Dirt will crack again
    "( Live song ) For me Little rivers from my hands Pool at the bottom of the stairs My face Oh, the cities in my eyes Doves in the sky Oh, the crack again The rainwater Came from father's eyes He was"
  • Beach Boys Crack at your love
    "I've been keepin' my eyes on youI finally found the nerve to talk to youThere's something that you ought to knowDon't you know that I love you soOur life together could be eternal blissIf we could just"
  • Cock Sparrer Crack In The Mirror
    "Crack in the Mirror Got drunk on Friday night, woke up Sunday morning. His bag's by the front door, there's no final warning. She thrown in all his clothes and all reasoning's out. It's the silence that"
  • Amorphis Crack in a Stone
    "In the North, a prisoner of darkness In black court, a victim of sleep Slither like a snake I tried A mole under the soil A king, a fool trapped in a strange land A slave of the black queen I was under"
  • The Methadones I'm About To Crack
    "I am on the verge of losing self-control Pacing through the living room Ready to put my fist through the wall Step back you're in danger baby The pressure is too much for me I need a release I'm about"

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