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Charlie Puth We do9n't talk anymore

  • I'm Not Feeling It Anymore - Van Morrison
    "Have to get back, have to get back the base I need to talk to somebody, I can trust Too many cooks, are tryin' to spoil the broth I can't feel it in my throat, that's all she wrote I'm not feeling it"
  • We're not making love anymore - Eternal
    "Uuuh Uuuh yeah Not making love anymore Uuuh Through all my lonely nights I sit and pray for a sign I wonder if you'll ever come back home So we can get it on Can you believe me, I want you to free me from"
  • Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Neil Diamond
    "How can I stay in this place All that I see is her face And every room just seems to haunt me Why would she throw love away Guess there's no reason to stay Maybe it's time to close the door Darlin', Love"
  • Why Should We Try Anymore - Hank Williams
    "(Orginally released August 1950 as M-G-M #10760) From Hank Williams: The Singles Collection Transcribed by: Ron McGough What's the use to deny we've been living a lie That we should have admitted"
  • I don't feel that way anymore - Charlie Robison
    "You wish that I would treat you like I did the times before And I would but I don't feel that way anymore There?s no more flowers there?s no more spring There?s no more promises of golden wedding rings"
  • Not Anymore - Krezip
    "So pretty, looking up whith your face So pretty, dreaming your dreams So pretty, knowing who I am So pretty, feeling what you feel How could you know that my head is full of fantasies, yeah How could"
  • Talk The Talk - Mr. Mister
    "Talk to me, tell me what you're thinking Talk to me, say the words I want to hear 'Cos I can be entertaining, so what do you like, what do you want to do Don't be a - don't be a stranger, I wanna - I"
  • You're Not Charlie Brown (And I'm Not Raggedy Ann) - Donna Fargo
    "If I was yours and you were mine I'd spank your bottom every time You drink too much and smoke too much or talk too much look who's talking Sometimes I think how it would be if I loved you and you loved"
  • Angry Anymore - Ani DiFranco
    "growing up it was just me and my mom against the world and all my sympathies were with her when i was a little girl but now i've seen both my parents play out the hands they were dealt and as each year"
  • Talk The Talk - Canibus
    "People wanna keep on talking Why can't they see [?] you don't wanna be People wanna keep on talking Why can't they see they're too weak for me People wanna keep on talking I guess we will see People wanna"

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