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  • Kiss Me Kill Me - Useless ID
    "tell me tell me something i would know listen to the cure on the radio think about the day you made me feel again love me in a way you can't describe kill me in a way that i'll stay alive light me up"
  • Pink Stars And Magazines - Useless ID
    "Pink Stars And Magazines Your latest issue Save me the drama queen for one day Tattoo my name into, your heart and smile Obsession is your only way And I threw all the medicine away But I'll never knock"
  • Deny It - Useless ID
    "Call up, the station Intimidation No need to go on Make some plans for everyone Dress up You don't fit This suits me perfect Take a photograph Leave a dying image Wait for the train, that may never arrive Place"
  • Suffer For The Fame - Useless ID
    "Suffer For The Fame Don't surrender to the world Let me know you won't Suffer for the fame Sweetness is leaving me again I'll remember when When we used to be Bring back the feeling Oh, where"
  • Turn Up The Stereo - Useless ID
    "They say you' re never gonna make it, you don't know how, don't know how If I' m a different generation you cant see what' s its all about If I take you down to a place I left behind, would it make you"
  • Before I Go - Useless ID
    "I'm leaving, screaming My heart is bleeding now. Why would you take this life away from me? Don't you let go ? It makes you sad, I know. We could've lived inside my 80's dream. Before I go you should"
  • Dying Love - Useless ID
    "nothing's gonna break me down i'll find a way to bury you within the past you don't want to see me drown my eyes are burning every tear a memory your perfume in my skin takes a few weeks to wash it off been"
  • Everything Turned Red - Useless ID
    "I am still waiting for one happy ending I take back the secret, I want you to know Bright lights and dark screens won't save the last scene Maybe next time I see you won't be in my dreams I wish that"
  • State Of Fear - Useless ID
    "State of fear, an explosion right outside my door. Well, it seems there's a lot of profit to be made from war. When we all know the answers, one question remains. How did we end up this way? Scream out"
  • Redemption - Useless ID
    "Run away. It's time to break the silence. You've been in decline for far to long Seven days you lie awake at night It's over when you reach the other side. Don't wait around for someone to leave behind"

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