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Gromee one

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Gromee one
  • Eyedea One
    "This world is my cave And the cave molds the background of a picture painted by you (distorted lyrics that are hard to understand) Hey yo it's time (Yeah it's time) Yeah it's time (Hey yo it's time) Hey"
  • Arashi One
    "(Yeah, Kick it in yo, Come on, Sing a Little Song) This is a Little Song, a Tiny Song kono te takaku takaku ima maiagaru tomo wo shinjiru yasashii koe ga tooku tooku kimi no moto he todokimasu you tameiki"
  • Robert Miles One & One
    "The sky isn't always blueThe sun doesn't always shineIt's alright to fall apart sometimes, mmmI am not always youAnd you are not always mineIt's alright to fall apart sometimesChorus:After all is said"
  • Edyta Górniak One & One
    "A sky isn't always blue A sun doesn't always shine It's alright to fall apart sometimes I am not always you And you are not always mine It's alright to fall apart sometimes After all is said and done One"
  • Aztec Camera One & One
    "Words and music by roddy frame Lead vocals roddy frame and caroll thompson. guitars roddy frame. drums & Keyboard programming rob mounsey. percussion carol steele. background Vocals robin clark, gordon"
  • One Direction Still the One
    "Liam: Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while but baby I got something that I really wanna let you know, yeah Something that I wanna let you know Louis: You say, you say that everybody that you hate me Couldn’t"
  • KRS-One The Only One
    "In case you aint know, check it Let me tell you right not and the whole world You are the only one I saw them guys you were with I don't flash platinum watches and drop-top whips But you can rest assure"
  • And One One DEIN DUFT
    "Diesen blick kenn' ich nicht von dir setz dich und red' mit mir Diesen duft kenn ich nicht an dir deine augen glanzen merkwardig Wer war er, der diesen duft geschenkt? ein freund ? Wer war"
    "he's walking where i'm afraid i don't no i see the firemen jumping from the windows (there's panic and i hear somebody scream) he picks up useless paper and puts it in my pocket i'm trying very"
    "Your bright light keeps on shining your blue smoke hits my eyes another way of diving so danger has no price The feeling of your slowness traces out of sight these ever returning spirits"

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