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  • Lagrimas - La India
    "Triste yo estar al despertar cuando abrace a mi almhoada,poqrue tu no estas extraandote,llorandote,son sentimientos que no puedo controlar,es espiritual,emocional quiero ahora desahogarme,necesito"
  • I Just Want To Hang Around You - La India
    "Yo no puedo resistir Lo que me haces sentir Yo quiero amarte nada mas Solo a ti Por que tu forma de querer y tu manera de ser Quiero decirte que ya comprendi Que te amo Solamente a ti I just want to hang"
  • Tiempo De Amor - La India
    "El tiempo mas hermoso que e vivido contigo los detalles las cosas que me haran recordarte ahora voy a marcharme si tu lo decidiste no comprendo y me alejo no sin antes decirte El tiempo que duro nuestro"
  • Interested - India Arie
    "Your favorite food, what you like to do Your favorite color, or any other Thing on your mind that you'd like to share Cause I can stay here and listen to every word Because I'm interested - can I be an"
  • Intro: Loving - India Arie
    "Oh God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change The courage to change the things that I can The wisdom to know the difference Oh ooh and God give me the courage to love with an open"
  • These Eyes - India Arie
    "These eyes never saw you leavin This heart is in need of some healing These arms are letting you go Our life is the greatest story never told How many more ways can I explain this to you boy We had had"
  • The Heart Of The Matter - India Arie
    "I got the call today, I didn't wanna hear But I knew that it would come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone She said you found someone And I thought of all the bad luck, And all the struggles"
  • Good Morning - India Arie
    "Do do do Do do do Do do do do do do dooooooo (4x) Good morning silence Good morning to myself Good morning to the pain in the center of my chest It's crazy how much I miss a simple good morning kiss oh"
  • Private Party - India Arie
    "(Chorus) I'm having a private party Ain't no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin' baby look how far we've come here I'm havin' a private party Learning how to love me Celebrating the woman"
  • Wings Of Forgiveness - India Arie
    "I just want you to know After everything that we've been through I just want you to know That I still love you That I still love you: Had to go Across the water Just to find What was here in my heart"

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