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Joseph's coat

  • Whatever Lola Wants - Dinah Shore
    "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets And little man, little Lola wants you Make up your mind to have No regrets Recline yourself Resign yourself, you're through I always get, what I aim for And your heart and"
  • Gone Like The Water - Freedy Johnston
    "A red suitcase she'll never miss A leather coat he used to wear Thinking tough, looking tired With momma's money and daddy's ring Chorus: He's gone like the water down to NYC Sleeping on the 802 Along"
  • Faithful elevator - Discount
    "Take of your coat Has you by the throatCombat the liquidMornings that began And it's climbing in through the windowHere's another stairway to tumble downYou know what that meansThey'll come around once"
  • She - That Dog
    "She is given such pain. She is faced with the evil strain. She is given no choice. She conquers and can't rejoice. I see the picture of her standing on the street. Her coat is white and her hair, black. I"
  • Santa Anita - Templo Diez
    "You been crying, now it's fine Take your coat, let's go And I'm sorry I let you down Well it's life, you know Almost sunset at the race track, Almost death, and almost time Search light shining, cutting"
  • Lock And Load - The Beltones
    "Well it seems the kids ain't alright They must have gotten lost in the translation Something strange going on tonight So unfamiliar it's nearly depressing Don't worry yourself sick about it son The roof's"
  • Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You - Nat King Cole
    "(Don Redman, Andy Razaf) Love makes me treat you the way that I do, Gee baby, ain't I good to you? There's nothing in this world too good For a girl so good and true. Gee baby, ain't I good to you? Bought"
  • Quitting Time - Roches
    "Money is not the problem you have enough of that now you must close your office put on your coat and hat put on your coat and hat Now is the hour of quitting twilight paints the town Old industrial skyline how"
  • Deep Thought Eject Button - Holy Molar
    ""Hey, what seems to be the mother fucking problem here?" "well let me tell you officer, if I may interfere." "okay." "see I sailed in through the outdoor and then my coat of arms..." "Coat of arms?!"" "...yeah,"
  • Venus In Force - Hellacopters
    "I saw her in lightning, She stood in the rain. Soaked and wet she was fighting, Got off her knees once again. She's dragging me down, But I wanna keep her warm. Still is my coat enough shelter from the"

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