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Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart

  • Kelly, watch the stars - Air
    "Kelly, watch the stars Kelly, watch the stars Everyone dated the demise of our neighborhood from the suicide of the Lisbon girls. People saw their clairvoyance in the wiped-out elms and harsh sunlight."
  • Invincible (ft. Kelly Rowland) - Tinie Tempah
    "Tinie Tempah, and she, Kelly Rowland Let's go. Invincible, invincible Invincible, invincible We're invincible. Aah, yeah, they said we shouldn't, Aah they said we wouldn't. Aah, look where we are,"
  • Into Your Heart - Seven Places
    "Your hands held up the world Your heart bled on a hill and now there's no resistance and I want to go where there's no resistance I want to go (CHORUS) Into Your heart I start to see where there's just"
  • Where Is The Love? - Samantha Fox
    "(S. Fox, M. Barry) Oh where is the love Where is the love Your mood all around me You give me such a hard time You think you might change me But you're leaving all your love at the back of your heart Such"
  • That's Where It Is - Carrie Underwood
    "In the circles I've been running, I've covered many miles, And I could search forever for what's right before my eyes, Just when I thought I'd found it, It was nothing like I'd planned, When I got my heart"
  • Where The Streets End - Your Hero
    "Just let yourself be embraced by a brighter light 'n leave the only road you have walked you won't believe your eyes I'm not where you can find me 'cause I walked through that door 'n now I've just met"
  • Where Is The Love - Elvis Costello
    "(Costello, Toussaint) Where is the love It's such a ruthless business Where is the faith The hope and the forgiveness Twisting the words you say until the meaning fits It starts with a little lying Then"
  • Where Is My Head - Hey Monday
    "Today I told myself that I would control myself But my heart and zipper seems to disagree Where is this coming from? Progressively sinking deep Bet my old private school ain't proud of me You've got me"
  • R. Kelly Ignition (Remix) - Eminem
    "R. Kelly Ignition (Remix) Now, usualy i dont do this but uh... give em a lil preview of the remix no im not tryin to be rude, but hey pretty girl im feelin you the way you do the things you do remind"
  • Where Is My Love - Stephen Simmonds
    "I've had to many new beginnings I've had to many chances come and go I'm tired and my head is spinning Where is my love? It's a never ending battle Filling every corner of my mind I'm dying here oh Father"

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