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  • Resign Yourself - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "Ain't no place you can hide that I can't find you. Ain't no place you can go where I won't be. Lest you forget, my dear, let me remind you, girl You may as well resign yourself to me. Ain't no door you"
  • Green Song - Elvis Costello
    "Fine rain was falling on the gravel and glades. The last rays of September bejewelled broken blades. But there's someone that I long for. Oh, where have you been? As the red earth lies under a covering"
  • Days Turn Blue To Gray - Machine Head
    "Thou have fathered Son and daughter Doth begat, yet raised not bother Paralyzed your children's lives Wither vines of family ties Self-destruction Make him function Crayons and clay Days turn blue to"
  • Rainbowarriors - Cocorosie
    "In the these times of evil spiritsOf material thugs and mischiefFear saint nonis wisdomAnd his love for rainbow spiritsJealous of their faithful heart-bondAnd their dancing and their laughingMade at last"
  • Arrowhead - Woven Hand
    "do tell how is the little pilgrims progress does he endeavour to perservere close mantled to knives and kisses just like when you were here what little he had from him it was taken for in the small things"
  • Alive - Shihad
    "Wannabe (Ohhh) Millionaire F***! I got something exploding inside of my head I will try to forget everything that you said Royalty (Ohhh) Counterfeit Whore! I will try to forget everything that you said I"
  • Departure - Agathodaimon
    "We part for ever from today Farewell beloved one And I, unto may death, your way Will shun. I care not now where you may go You can no more bereave me Today the sweetest girl I know Does leave"
  • Take My Hand Precious Lord - Bill Anderson
    "(Thomas A. Dorsey) (Jan) When my way groweth dear Precious Lord linger near When my life is almost gone Hear my cry Hear my call Hold my hand lest I fall Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home. Precious"
  • Memorial Embers - Chalice
    "Where once a naive child learnt the ropes of life and pain An ashen path has forged to view those remnants with disdain As leaves descending earthward are a seasonal display Within those trees and subtle"
  • Hugin & Munin - Folkearth
    ""The whole world wide, every day, Fly Hugin and Munin; I worry lest Hugin should fall in flight, Yet more I fear for Munin." Four wings spreaded in the northern sky Sent out everyday to gather knowledge Far"

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