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  • Will Be Alright - Lionel Richie
    "Little darling Where you've been so long I've been out here thinking about ya And the feeling's real strong Well the time has come to celebrate You and me girl so sounds great Cause tonight will be alright Oh"
  • It May Be The Water - Lionel Richie
    "I look at all the things I put you through I've often wondered how it bothered you I know how close I came to losing you But we managed to stay alive I guess only the strong survive I just gotta tell you"
  • To Love A Woman - Lionel Richie
    "I don't know what it is but she drives me crazy I don't know what she does but she drives me wild If only she could let me be the man I wanna be Well she can leave me helpless as a child I don't know"
  • Shout It To The World - Lionel Richie
    "I've been down so many roads before I've seen it all and I've seen a whole lot more I never had a feeling like this I never lost my heart with one kiss I feel it in my heart, feel it in my soul Girl, you"
  • Road To Heaven - Lionel Richie
    "Been a long time Since I've seen your face You've been on my mind Like a dream I can't erase It's time for me to come home to you I'm on the road to heaven I'm on the road to heaven Comin' home to you Been"
  • Sail On - Lionel Richie
    "Sail on, down the line About half a mile or so And I don't really wanna know ah Where you're going Maybe once or twice you see Time after time I tried Hold on to what we got But now you're going And I"
  • How Long - Lionel Richie
    "Every time I see you and I look into your eyes There's a feeling that I get And it's way down deep inside, girl I've been trying to hold on, but you say that you're not sure I just hope you realize what"
  • Outrageous - Lionel Richie
    "She's outrageous, scandalous The way she rocks is too much And she's fire and rain, She blows your brains The way she works that body And she'll tease ya and she'll please ya She'll make you feel like"
  • Running With The Night - Lionel Richie
    "The heart of the city street was beating Lights from the neons Turned the dark to day We were too hot to think of sleeping We had to get out Before the magic got away We were running with the night Playingin"
  • Tender Heart - Lionel Richie
    "Every night and every day my heart feels the pain I wake up to the thought of you and I call your name No one ever made me feel the way you do Nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you But now I've got"

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