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Lp went were high

  • High Hopes - Shed Seven
    "Run a mile run a mile 'cos all the while You're cramping my style cramp my style Bleeding me dry Grab a hold grab a hold To steady your soul And test if they're real test for real All the spotlights you"
  • Riding High - Traffic
    "Don't be afraid, love, when the storm comes We're gonna make it through on our own Don't you, don't you ever let go of my love Think about it, if you believe then it will be We'll be riding high and we"
  • High C - Sparks
    "(Ron Mael) A picket fence, I leaped it Through your screen door, I gotta meet you High C up and High C down Since you left the opera you just frown a lot and mumble, "I'm humble." Press clippings hang"
  • Flying High - Jem
    "You can't know, oh no, you can't know How much I think about you, no It's making my head spin Looking at you, and you are looking at me And we both know what we want So close to giving in Feel so nice,"
  • High Ridaz - Kottonmouth Kings
    "This is a bonus track from the Kingspade sessions Featuring Johnny Richter and D-Loc, Kingspade The full length album coming out on Suburban Noize Records Late summer of 2004, Kingspade the full length"
  • American High - Christian Kane
    "Christian Kane Miscellaneous American High We cut through the backwoods of the Harrison farm Jumped over the rock fence under Mr. Jenkins' barn Made a beeline down choctaw bend to the pawnee bridge and"
  • High Noon - Andrew Peterson
    "High Noon High noon in the valley of the shadow When the deep of the valley was bright When the mouth of the tomb Shouted, "Glory, the Groom is alive" So long, you wages of sin Go on, don't you come"
  • High School - Off By One
    "Did you hear that Mikey kissed a girl Could it be your girlfriend or some other stupid hoe Did you hear that Timmy shaved his hair How much do you bet Janes not wearing underwear Her IQ is smaller then"
  • Put'emm high - Stonebridge
    "Baby, let me, be me,those were, the words you, gave me,never, felt this way, before,your love, is the light, ah-haaaa,And baby i don't carewhere you've been beforejust Put 'em high,Push 'em highmake the"
  • America high - Kane
    "We cut through the backwoods of the Harrison farm Jumped over the rock fence under Mr. Jenkins barn Made a beeline down Choctaw Bend to the Pawnee Bridge and ran into town Raced that train to the tracks"

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