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  • Victor E - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "This pleasure book I'm writingDoesn't give me any thrillAll it does is prove conclusivelyWhere there's a way there's WillWho by the way along with MaryPeter, Patsy, and Paul.Has the cheek to turn the otherWhen"
  • E? Knaboj - Persone
    "Se vi volas paroli, mi askultos vin Se vi volas petoli, venu do knabin' Sed se vi volas amori kun mi, mi fakte dirus ne ar vi devas memori ke mi mi ankora ne enamiis al vi Se vi volas akompanon en la"
  • Mr. E - Barclay James Harvest
    "I know that you think I'm the lonely one Those black clouds always follow me No silver lining there for you to find No star-struck prince on bended knee And every day you're searching hard For something"
  • E-Pro - Beck
    "Beck Guero E-Pro See me comin' to town with my soul Scrape down at the bump of my fingers Holdin' over the devil I know All my troubles just hang on your trigger Take your eyes and ?? to the road Shoot"
  • Vittorio E - Spoon
    "I took a river and it wouldn't let go I want you to stay and I want you to go I took a river and the river was long and it goes on I want to be there tonight I want to get there but it's just out of sight I"
  • So?e - Doves
    "Ruego al tiempo aquel momento en que mi mundo se paraba entre tus labios solo para revivir deretirme una vez mas Mirando tus ojos negros tengo ganas de ser aire y me respires para siempre pues no tengo"
  • Exhibit E - Boogie Down Productions
    "Lincoln said, in this piece here, he says... he frees the slaves; he said, "All slaves in armed rebellion." The slaves. Now understand one point: the African is not a slave, that's one point that they"
  • E samba - Junior Jack
    "Desde que o samba samba assim A lgrima clara sobre a pele escura A noite a chuva que cai l fora Solido apavora Tudo demorando em ser to ruim Mas alguma coisa acontece no sempre agora em mim Cantando"
  • Doko e - CAN
    "Those filthy bloody factories in Tokyo,Its just a polluted city.Where can we go?Discover Japan!The pollution is making it more and more shitty.For Gods sake, lets get away.But where can we escape to?This"
  • E Song - Virginia Coalition
    "Oh, now little girl, don't cry yourself to sleep There's a brand new world around you You can make it if you try She said the trying's not enough Sometimes it gets to me I see people where they're"

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