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Naomi Shelton

  • Nobody But You (Duet with Gwen Stefani) - Blake Shelton
    "Don’t have to leave this own to see the world ‘Cause it’s something that I gotta do I don’t wanna look back in thirty years and wonder who you’re married to wanna say it now, wanna make it clear for only"
  • Happy Anywhere (feat. Gwen Stefani) - Blake Shelton
    "I always was a rolling stones With the reckless streak Yeah, te grass never gets too grown Underneath my feet The city lights, Southern stars No such thing’s gone too far I am running wide open I was"
  • From A Jack To A King - Ricky Van Shelton
    "From a jack to a king From loneliness to a wedding ring I played an ace and I won a queen And walked away with your heart From a jack to a king With no regrets I stacked the cards last night And lady"
  • I Still Love You - Ricky Van Shelton
    "You've got me callin' on the phone. You've got me cryin' all night long. But baby, I love you. Baby, yes I love you. Heard people sayin' lots of things, 'Bout how you sold your wedding ring. But baby,"
  • Life's Little Ups And Downs - Ricky Van Shelton
    "I don't know how to tell her I didn't get that raise in pay today. And I know how much she wanted the dress in Baker's window, And it breaks my heart to see her have to wait. And cancel all the plans she"
  • You Would Do The Same For Me - Ricky Van Shelton
    "Please, there's no need for any thank you's, For loving you so faithfully. From the moment that we met, Something in me said that you would do the same for me. When we walked down the aisle of the chapel, And"
  • Baby Take A Picture - Ricky Van Shelton
    "Baby take a picture it'll last a lot longer Than the sweet love I thought that we were in Come tomorrow morning I'll be gone then So you better take a picture if you ever want to see me again Here's a"
  • Been There Done That - Ricky Van Shelton
    "I was finally getting over all the damage you had done When you show up with some buttercups saying how you doing hon Now you know the way you done me now you know the way it was How can you waltz in like"
  • Complicated - Ricky Van Shelton
    "Throw up a quarter and I'll call it heads she loves me tails she loves me not I keep her picture in my wallet I guess I miss her a little more than I thought And it's complicated underrated this is so"
  • Crime Of Passion - Ricky Van Shelton
    "She had a ragtop El Dorado tuck and roll pleat She picked me up in Colorado and put me right in the driver's seat I said I got no money you know I got no job She said I tell you what honey let's find"

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