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  • In my room - Zazie
    "I've got girls, they're in my room The only thing is my room is not here It's ten till two, the clock won't move Detention hall is better with beer I can do it all in my room I can be a rockstar with a"
  • Rock Star - Chamillionaire
    "Rock Star! Rock Star! (Rock On) Rock Star! (Rock On) It's Rock n Roll! (Rock On!) I got ladies that love my ladies Haters that hate my haters I'm a Chamillionaire, but got billionaires for my neighbors"
  • Second to none - Vengeance
    "When They Kicked Me Out Of Highschool I Came To Know For Real The Tought I Had To Study Didn't Seam To Be Ideal I Had To Be A Rockstar But It Went against The Grain All My Friends Would Tell Me "Man, I"
    "Zakładam dres jak Niko Belic Wiesz co się mieli Mam takie szczęście Że nie spędzam życia w celi Głosy ulicy A nie strzały Karteli Zakładam dres jak Niko Belic Wiesz co się mieli Mam takie szczęście Że"
  • Goldie - A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky)
    "I said it must be cause a nigga got dough Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold Hoes at my shows they be stripping off they clothes And them college girls write a nigga name on they toes Niggas talk"
  • Wuz up wit tha cookiez - Soulja Boy
    "Juney Boomdata (who else?) Soulja Boy Tell 'Em I do 'em hot right? Know what I'm sayin Oh wait your chick chillen like that lil brother What's your name, where you from, where your girlfriend at? A hold"
  • By The Way - Prinz Porno
    "Ey Mutterficker, ey Mutterficker, ey! Wir bernehm' das Game by the way! Ey Mutterficker, ey Mutterficker, ey du bist nich' OK, du bist way too gay Es gibt kein' besseren Rap den ich kenn' ich mache ein'"
  • Peril After Peril - Link 80
    "came up short in time to fall behind. i don't wanna give up, i've sacrificed my life. peace will settle in, be forever incomplete. but we're... still trying. live for the day. an uncertain life. "
  • Heartsick - My Ruin
    "Late night catechism speaks me to sleep A lethal dose of narcissism conquers the beast I can't remember how I got my last scar... The bible tells us jesus... Was a rockstar A prayer under pressure Of"
  • Nice Tattoos - Fall River
    "This problem isn't mine, yet you persist. It makes me sick. You point your finger always at me. My words are dissected and they're torn apart, until they're just syllables that mean nothing at all. I'm"

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