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Ryan Adams Somehow Someday

  • Someday - Shivaree
    "Someday You want me like I want you But I'd be gone With somebody new Someday You will cry the way I did You ??? But tears can be heared You walk the floor Day and night Not a thing will be going right You"
  • Someday - Embrace
    "Someday, you're gonna see the way I see things Break out the box they keep you sealed in Someday, you find the real thing Someday, you're gonna feel the isolation 'Cause no one wants you with them Someday,"
  • Someday - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Someday I will go home Someday I will go home And I'll find peace in the house Of my heavenly father I will fear, fear no more I know down in my heart I know it won't be long And"
  • Someday - Operation Ivy
    "sometimes I unwind, look back to the passing of time sometimes I feel, those days become unreal our lives are fashioned by things that come from outside control so indirect we don't even realize someday"
  • Someday - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and music by Arlo Guthrie Someday l'll be there with you When you're there I'll be there too If you only knew I will be with you Someday we will meet again When we meet I'll see you then If you"
  • Someday - Sloth
    "Maybe I gave to you I'm the darker side of what you knew Deep inside I am troubled Deep inside I'm troubled too : Pre Chorus: I want--want to believe in Something worth believing I just can't keep on"
  • Someday - Olivia Newton-John
    "There's only one way to go when you're up too high You've gotta come down; you've gotta come down And there's only one way of saying the word goodbye You've gotta come down; you've gotta come down You've"
  • Someday - Trace Adkins
    "I am grounded But I have wings to fly I just don't use them I just look up in the sky And keep 'em hidden Bound up in a coat and tie 'Til the world is ready for a man with wings to fly But I will fly someday I'll"
  • SOMEDAY - Natalia Capelik-Muianga
    "Someday you fill te pain Some day you cry once truful tear I You give you my love You give me misery Wth my eyes open wide Now i can finally see Someday I be the over Don;t you …. And … I will find"
  • Someday - Smith Michael W
    "Sexual harassment - nuclear reactors Natural disasters from here to L.A. Drug importers New world order Wars over borders Murder on the subway The social classes - the high rise of taxes Diplomats are"

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