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  • The Chariot They Drew Their Swords
    "Well. She is waking up and she is finding out she has no pulse. Just like her "God" that she is trying to sell, but she ain't bought. Her lion is scared because he is finding out she's waking up and he"
  • Charta 77 Paranoia
    "Alla minna sinnen är på helspänn här i kväll Jag kan inte sova, läser sagor för mig själv Alla deras ögon bevakar mig vart jag än går Orkar inte vaka, orkar inte en natt till Ser bilder av araber som inget"
  • Enya Afer Ventus
    "Mare Nubium. Umbriel. Mare Imbrium. Ariel. Et itur ad astra. Et itur ad astra. Mare Undarum. Io. Vela. Mirabile dictu. Mirabilia. Mirabile visu. Mirabilia. Et itur ad astra. Et itur ad astra. Sempervirent."
  • Akercocke Infernal Rites
    "The blanket of stars In the holy lands sky Antichrist, my guiding light I trace your footfalls in the sand Whispered on desert winds Borne on angels wings Dark lord, Oppressor Beguiling progeny"
  • Kabezabolo Manolo Tu Vida Cambio
    "Tu vida kambio, ya no es komo ayer hoy todo es mejor sabes eskoger tus limones sueps Tu vida kambio ya no es komo ayer hoy todo es mejor lavas la kolada kon el nuevo ariel. La televisionte kontrolara todo"
  • Fionn Regan Be Good or Be Gone
    "If you happen to read this, Rose was born. Child actor-ess, On the fifth day of the snow. Be good or be gone, Be good or be, be gone. The range is stangering, Movement and timing. Frame by frame, It"
  • David Banner Choose Me
    "(feat. Sky) Yeah He Buy You Clothes I Hit It From The Back Yeah He Drive A Benz I'm In A Woodwill Cadillac He Readin You Poetry While I'm Spittting This Country Game You Want Us Just Play This Pimpin'"
  • Jason Mraz After An Afernoon
    "words by jason mraz & ariel quirolo music by jason mraz I bare my windowed self untamed and untrained Dreams that hardly touch our complexions truest faults If room enough for both my drowsy spirit"
  • Ted Leo And The Pharmacists The Gold Finch And The Red Oak Tree
    "As I did walk through cities one Saturday a golden finch came winging my way and sang to me a song of my country and words of life from city and sea Golden finch, your song is your love and you will sing"
  • Rafo Raez Piel De Miel
    "Eres del sur celestial del azul Vienes del blues del Marajh Vienes vital de aguamiel y de cristal Tienes la luz y el barajar Sol, constancia, con tu brisa azul Piel de miel, piel de miel A la primera"

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